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Discover your next great place to call home

LookyLOO helps you identify cities and neighborhoods that suit you best so that your next town is just what you wanted.

Be a LookyLOO! Explore these curated Location Sets

Beyond the stats and numbers, we want to give you a sense of what it's actually like to live in the place.

We offer filters and curated results that match different types of cities.

Urbanist's Dream

Where those little town blues go to die.

Where downtown is not a town at all but rather awe-inspiring architecture, world-renowned chefs, pro sports, culture galore, hustle and bustle, public transportation and lots of invigorating walking.

Beach Life

High Tides and Sweet Sweet Laid Back Vibrations.

A daily dose of beach is a powerful thing. Everything from a sleepy beach town to a jumping oceanside metropolis is available in the U.S of A. Those who break from the screen and go to the water are probably onto something.

Citified Suburb

You can always go...Downtown.

Want your suburban spot to have some downtown action? Lots of foodie joints? Shops? City squares? Maybe even a little history? Here are some places that have built up a legit, walkable city scene in a family-friendly locale.

Leafy Suburb

Out of reach of the city without the city being out of reach.

If you crave a Pale Ale on a porch or at least a two-car garage and a yoga class that you don’t have to book in advance, you might be a candidate for suburban life.

Outdoor Mecca

Think Outside. No Box Required.

Is it really all about the Great Outdoors for you? You’re not alone. Hence, the national migration from big cities to outdoorsy havens like Bend or Boise.

Mainstreet USA

Down on Main Street

Some cities evoke the Norman Rockwell scenes of Grandpa and the Grandkids fishing in the pond, or kids in overalls waving the flag at the fire trucks at the 4th of July parade. If you’re hankering for a classic Americana, take a look at these towns.

College Town

Happiness = Critical Thinking + Social Culture + Beer and Cheap Eats

Dazzling campuses and an influx of young, spirited people give those areas surrounding centers of academia a unique and alluring atmosphere. Here are some of the top college towns in the country.