Salt Lake City, Utah

Different By Nature

Everyone has always underestimated a company headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah. The New York boys thought they could take me on, that nobody out here has any knowledge or wisdom. --Jon Huntsman, Sr.

The Good, the Bad and The Ugly

SLC is a fairly progressive city in a very conservative state. If you’re concerned about overwhelming LDS culture, there’s actually quite a bit of influence from anti-conservative, mormon counterculture here. You won’t see the kind of diversity that you see in a big, eastern city but there’s a significant LGBTQ community, a lot of just plain outdoor enthusiasts (unlimited national parks -- Zion, Bryce Canyon, Arches, Canyonlands, and Capital Reef) and the tech people are flooding in. It might interest you to know that much of the internet traffic flowing west comes through the not-very-prone to natural or weather disasters state of Utah, so, jobs follow the flow including Adobe, Microsoft and a few startup unicorns. And UofU and BYU don’t hurt. However, rent costs have skyrocketed.

The weather is generally mild and the listicle people seem to think it’s actually hip

The Best Thing About Salt Lake City?

Outdoor Lifestyle

It is an outdoor lover's paradise and it is extremely safe from violent crime.

Here's a local on the pros of living in Salt Lake City:
If you want the full city social experience, downtown is the best part of SLC to live in (food, music, farmers marker, events, parks, public transit, etc.). My favorite part of all of it is how bike-friendly it is and nowhere else really compares in the state. Public transit is also top notch. My fiancé and I are waiting for our one lease to run out then we’re going to only do one car.
In terms of outdoors:
-memory grove park & city creek for hiking/biking
-ensign peak is a great easy hike for sunsets
-Capitol Hill is an excellent cycling area
-avenues have great trailheads near there
-plenty parks nearby for pickleball/tennis/hanging out

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The Worst Thing About Salt Lake City?

The Quirks

It’s very homogeneous, lacks grown up nighttime entertainment and there are certainly vestiges of LDS in quirky rules and laws (speaking of, no alcohol sales on Sundays or outside state liquor stores and bars do not do generous pours.)

Here's a transplant's pov on the cons of living in SLC:
For me the worst thing, easily, are the nutty liquor laws and the omnipresent control of the LDS church on all public policy. Complaining about this gets tiresome really fast, I know, but it has to be mentioned. There is also the complete control by the Republican party on the governorship, the state Legislature, and the U.S. Senate. Because of gerrymandering SLC has no representation in Congress whatsoever.

Why You Should Move Here Now?

Safety First

You love to be outdoors and like a safe, mid sized city life.