San Luis Obispo, California


Life's too beautiful to rush

The Best Thing About San Luis Obispo?

A Chill Outdoor Lifestyle

Almost every kind of outdoor lifestyle is happening here: rock climbing, bouldering, mountain climbing, mountain biking, biking, surfing, running, hiking, swimming, sea kayaking, golfing and just being on a beach if hanging out is your thing. The chill part comes in part from the beauty and in part from the distance from the mania of Los Angeles, the Bay Area or really any major city. It’s a wonderful place to be active and relax at the same time.

Here's a review from a former local who misses the city:
I really miss this town. It may seem boring to some because it's a far drive from the big cities like SJ, SF, SB, and LA. However, I love SLO for all that it has to offer.

Everybody is outdoorsy. If you're not outdoorsy, you'll become outdoorsy. Whether it's rock climbing, bouldering, mountain climbing, mountain biking, biking, surfing, skating, running, walking, or just strolling. Oh wait, like some other Quorans mentioned, there's golfing, archery, shooting, kayaking, and hiking. There's something there for you. And well, the beach is only 10 minutes away for the sunbathers. Everybody is fit here! I seldom saw overweight people. The obesity epidemic definitely does not apply to this tow

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The Worst Thing About San Luis Obispo?

The Gap

The isolation of SLO (what locals call San Luis Obispo) makes it tough for young professionals who look for a more active city life. You’re a few hours from Los Angeles or the Bay Area and at times transplanters feel that gap and complain about the sleepy nature of the pace here. The college provides some lifestyle buffer for recent graduates still into the pub party scene but there is a stretch of age between 25-35 when those not in the family way will complain there isn’t enough to do.

Here's a transplant's pov on the location/opportunity struggle:
I’m from LA area and moved here to go to Cal Poly. Originally, I was really excited to move to a place where the pace of life was slower than SoCal. But 4 years later, I’m realizing that being here has really prevented me from growing in the same way that I would in a larger metropolis area like LA or Bay Area.

Lifestyle of San Luis Obispo

Life in SLO operates at a slow pace. The weather is perpetually nice and locals spend their time taking advantage of that mild climate. As noted there is an endless supply of outdoor activities to participate in and if you move here that will be a major part of your lifestyle. Locals also enjoy a major farmer’s market downtown on Thursday nights (this is the central valley, agriculture is a huge deal), and there is a big art/gallery scene here that hosts wine/food events the first Friday of each month. There are a surprising number of good restaurants in all kinds of different cuisines and you are surrounded by amazing wineries so the foodie/wine passionate will like it here. The schools are excellent and the outdoor lifestyle means families get a pretty wholesome and supportive experience.

If you want to see what's happening in SLO check out the calendar of events:

Workstyle of San Luis Obispo

For a California city the tech scene is limited, although they’re trying to change that, but do not move here expecting to find the tech or rich industry opportunities of SF or LA or San Diego or San Jose. For the most part it’s a town with medical and service jobs. You’re way too far to commute to a major city so you’ll need to work remotely to make it work.

Why You Should Move Here Now?

SLO Down

For families looking to escape the zaniness of a big city and raise their kiddos in a pure SLO outdoor culture this is an amazing choice.