San Jose, California

The Sunniest, Least Stressed Tech Hub In The United States

I've got lots of friends in San Jose, Oh, do you know the way to San Jose?, Can't wait to get back to San Jose
-Dionne Warwick

The Best Thing About San Jose?

Entrepreneurship, start-ups and big-time tech players

While many would argue it’s the weather, what’s more unique and alluring is the fact that this is the Capital of Silicon Valley. The biggest tech companies in the world call San Jose home, from Apple and Google, to IMB and PayPal. It’s a place that exudes innovation and entrepreneurship unlike any other, without the high intensity stress of say New York City or San Francisco. It has a major downtown area, yet still encompasses your stereotypical California suburban feel with its charming, albeit very pricey neighborhoods, big homes with backyard space and pools, and nearly year-round sunshine.

Here's a native discussing pros of living here:
I personally feel there are more opportunities in California. I have the best job I’ve ever had in my life and I haven’t had a problem securing a job since moving here (had to leave original company I transferred with). Obviously the weather is a huge pro and it’s close to many outdoor activities.

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The Worst Thing About San Jose?

It’s not San Francisco

San Jose has amazing weather; sports teams; upscale dining and shopping, including Valley Fair Mall and Santana Row; job opportunities; and culture. But at the end of the day it doesn’t have those buzzing vibes of a San Francisco, Los Angeles, or again, New York City. While there are some spots to go out, the nightlife isn’t popping by any means, and it can be a sleepy city despite having one of the biggest populations in the country. That said if you have a family, raising kids or past your drinking and dancing days, then you have nothing to worry about. Oh, and you need a car, or be comfortable with a rentable scooter or bike, or Ubers/ Lyfts.

Here's a local on the San Jose vs. other cities social scenes:
I think the main problem is that San Jose population at large was never that extroverted. House parties was usually the peak anyone wanted to do growing up and even now. Most are fine with the small to medium events in their respective neighborhoods. Most people leave San Jose if they want to have big events such as hiking, amusement parks (So Cal), and SF for clubs. Most San Jose folks seem to prefer staying at home or going on a hike. We don't have much of a party/club scene like SF or LA.

Lifestyle of San Jose

If you’re in San Jose, you’re going to be living around some of the scrappiest and smartest people you’ve ever encountered. San Jose metro has more millionaires and billionaires per capita than any other city in the US, which makes sense when you consider that it has the highest cost of living in California as well as the US. The city does lean younger, with a median age of around 35, but keep in mind that the people who live and work here can be obsessed with their jobs. The city has been working very hard to create a social scene to try to compete with the popularity of San Francisco. There are more restaurants, events, and shopping now than ever before to try to lure the techies out for happy hours and weekend hangs. Also, it’s good news if you’re a person who dates men. San Jose has been nicknamed “Man Jose” because of the overwhelmingly large population of single men in their 20s and 30s who live and/or work there.

If you want to see everything happening in San Jose check out the calendar of events:

Workstyle of San Jose

Like we said before, this is the tech and startup capital of the US, maybe even the world, so if you’re working here, you’re going to be either living the Silicon Valley dream or working for the city. There are a ton of companies that call San Jose home, including the headquarters of Adobe, Cisco Systems, PayPal, Roku, and more. In addition to headquarters, many companies like Samsung and Apple choose to house their very elite and very large campuses in the city. There are plenty of jobs for cutthroat recent grads and seasoned tech pros alike.

Why You Should Move Here Now?

Life is stressful, San Jose isn’t.

It’s always sunny in San Jose. It’s the perfect combo of suburban life and city life, (minus nightlife.) There’s diversity in culture (it’s home to one of only three Japantowns in the U.S., tons of great Mexican and Vietnamese food, and a Little Portugal); tons of options for outdoors activities, not to mention relatively close proximity to the mountains, coast, and San Francisco, Napa Valley and more; there’s fancy shopping and dining; diversity in people; and mostly everything you need to thrive mentally. No SAD here! If you’re a techie, engineer, entrepreneur or the like, there’s no better place for you. Another important thing to note, the area has tons of highly ranked high schools and some of the top universities in the U.S. including Stanford. So if higher education is important to you, San Jose is a slam dunk.