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The Best Thing About Hermosa Beach?

The Nightlife

If you’re a young professional in your 20’s or early 30’s – or are forever young at heart – the energy of this picturesque oceanside community may be it for you.

The middle point between neighboring Manhattan and Redondo beaches, Hermosa Beach is a younger feel than both. The large beach and oftentimes larger than life party scene give it a reputation as one of the best spots in the area for nightlife. In summer months, gatherings around the Pier turn into 'ragers. The active Pier Avenue scene offers everything from dive bars to nicer spots to grab a bite to eat. On Pier Ave some lively restaurants like Baja Sharkees and American Junkie turn into some of the locals favorite “night clubs,” as well as a pub called Underground a little further from the beach.

It’s worth noting that just because the party never stops here doesn’t mean the beach looks it. Locals pride themselves on the pristine and soft sand that makes beach volleyball games and hanging in the sun feel all the more luxurious.

The Worst Thing About Hermosa Beach

Lots of Bros. Oh, and the Parking

When your hometown is known for its nightlife, it’s no surprise the two main complaints are drunk bros and limited parking. But if the nickname “Bromosa” doesn’t scare you off, and you’re okay walking rather than driving to the beach (as many here do), this shouldn’t be an issue. Being a party town, cops are on the lookout for drunk driving so choosing to walk really is to your advantage. Not to mention, it feels safe enough where you can comfortably walk home alone at 2 a.m. (a.k.a., no need to have that bro walk you if you don’t want him to).

Feeling like you want day drinking to be more of the exception than the rule? Check out Manhattan Beach just two miles north, where locals joke kids from Hermosa Beach go to grow up. It’s affluent and very family-centric with the bonus of a good food scene and laid back lifestyle. Or, slow down and spread out even more by heading south to Redondo Beach.

Lifestyle of Hermosa Beach

Beach Vibes with an Edgy Past

Behind Hermosa’s bars and beach bros is a rich punk rock heritage. During the 1970’s, bands like Black Flag helped solidify Hermosa Beach as the punk rock heart of the west coast.

Some say the city has lost its roots and some of its edge, but there’s still plenty of spirit. Thought of as one of the best places to live in California, this small city received an “A+” from Niche.com in the following categories: Nightlife (obviously), Weather, Health & Fitness, Outdoor Activities, Good for Families and Public Schools.

If you like getting up close and sweaty with folks on the dance floor, chances are you probably don’t mind that the housing options are a bit more compact here as well. The good news? You get to know your neighbors. The market is more renter-friendly than surrounding Manhattan and Redondo which trend towards more single-family homes. Fifty-percent of residents rent while the other half own, creating an interesting urban suburban mix.

Beyond the bars, Hermosa really is a comfortable and laid back beach town. It’s not walkable in the New York sense where you can literally walk to everything you need – groceries, household items, entertainment, dining – but walkable in the sense that you can get to restaurants, bars and a couple of the essentials on foot. You do have to be careful in some parts as sidewalks can disappear for no reason and cars take stop signs as a suggestion, but the Sand Section and green spaces are intentionally laid out to make an outdoor lifestyle feel not only natural but unbelievably enjoyable.

Most of the residents are remote workers as the freeway isn’t super close and a commute to downtown LA would look something like a nightmare. But when they aren’t logged onto their laptops, folks love getting out and chatting with each other at the local coffee shops, parks and of course, bars.

Schools in Hermosa Beach

Highly Rated

We’ve made a big deal about the nightlife, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t happy families living their best lives in Hermosa. The Hermosa Beach City School District is highly rated, receiving an “A” from Niche.com, and includes options for preschool through 8th-grade students. Residents ready for high school have the option of choosing between the top-rated Mira Costa High School just north in Manhattan Beach or Redondo Union High School just south in Redondo Beach. Private schools in the area are also quite impressive. If you’re willing to drive outside of Hermosa to neighboring cities like Torrance and El Segundo, then Vistamar School, Bishop Montgomery High School and Ambassador Christian School are great options.

Why You Should Move Here Now?


As remote work becomes a more cemented reality for young professionals, some of the highest paid among them are looking to enjoy a constant state of “summer vacation.” In Hermosa Beach, residents believe your youth is best spent drinking craft beer, playing beach volleyball and watching the sunset over the Pacific Ocean. It’s certainly one way to do it. When else in your life will you get to live moments from the beach in a slightly rundown apartment building with all your friends and some furniture that it’s totally fine to spill beer on?

Neighborhoods in Hermosa Beach

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The Sand Section

Families/Young Professionals/DINKs

Similar to the Sand Section of Manhattan Beach, homes here are walking distance to the beach, downtown Hermosa, Hermosa Pier and the walk streets. The walk streets in Hermosa, like the name implies, are closed to car traffic. They run west to east and are typically flatter than those of Manhattan Beach. Living in the Sand Section means paying a high premium for the view and the walkability. Homes here are some of the most expensive in the whole city. According to property managers in the area, this section offers some of the coolest and most unique architecture in the South Bay. Instead of quaint beach cottages you’ll find large multi-level homes, condos and townhomes. It is important to keep in mind that there is a flip side to being walking distance to the party: you can’t necessarily get away from it all when lots of people are wanting to experience their slice of heaven at Hermosa.

Hermosa Valley


Homes in Hermosa Valley are close enough to the beach and downtown shops without being in the thick of it all. They offer striking ocean views at a relatively affordable price and great access to green spaces like Valley Park and the Green Belt, as well as the local middle school, Hermosa Valley School. Valley Park is the largest and most frequented park in all of Hermosa. Its 5+ acres include a playground, basketball courts, playfields, picnic tables and facilities. The “Green Belt” is also very popular and offers dog walkers, runners, bikers and parents pushing strollers nearly 4 miles of landscaped trail to enjoy surrounded by nature. Access to these spaces are a huge perk for those in the Valley.

East Hermosa


Perched above the Pacific Coast Highway, homes in East Hermosa often come with excellent coastal views. Like Hermosa Valley, these properties have easy access to the Sand Section, but with lower price tags. East Hermosa is also sometimes called Hermosa Hill. Here the circa 1905 architectural styles meet upgraded and modern interiors for families and individuals who appreciate both. This is a quieter part of Hermosa that is great for families and those who like having access to the action without being in it.