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Beverly Gardens Park
Beverly Gardens Park
Beverly Gardens Park
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Beverly Hills Shopping
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In Beverly Hills, it's very spoiled in terms of the quality of life. I think the climate and the space and the quality of life in Beverly Hills is exceptional. - Lisa Vanderpump

The Best Thing About Beverly Hills?


From the rows of gorgeous houses to the easy access to downtown Los Angeles, West Hollywood, Santa Monica, Venice, and Koreatown, Beverly Hills is what many would consider perfectly located real estate. Some of the best shopping centers and restaurants in all of Los Angeles are at your disposal, as well as numerous parks and a superb public library. Additionally, many of Los Angeles County’s best beaches are only a short drive away. Furthermore, Beverly Hills’ status as an independent city right in the middle of Los Angeles and within the county allows for self-governance and a greater commitment to keeping the city clean and safe than you can find in much of the area, meaning that local beauty maintains its sheen.

Much of what locals love about the location though is that in spite of being in the middle of the chaos of Los Angeles, Beverly Hills is an oasis of greater calm for locals. Sure you get tourists on Rodeo Drive, but most of the city is beautiful neighborhoods with quiet residential blocks. Hard to beat that.

The Worst Thing About Beverly Hills?

The Cost

Simply put, while its status as a celebration of the rich and famous is overstated, the cost of living is definitely on the high side in Beverly Hills. The city’s luxurious houses do not come cheap, and amenities such as groceries, gasoline, and utilities are similarly high-priced. This can also be reflected in attitudes of the locals- Beverly Hills has a reputation for being home to celebrities and aspiring socialites. Many fear the judgmental attitudes of Beverly Hills and its residents, and while this is also overstated, it can be off-putting to those who prefer a more modest and subdued lifestyle.

Lifestyle of Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills size and insularity drives a sense of community. The local government is designed for public participation, with city beautification efforts and other services funded by public offices. Beverly Hills is perfect for families due to the many great schools, services and events at the local library, and numerous parks and community events. The strong sense of community often leads residents to forming close bonds with their neighbors, which in general fosters a high opinion of the area among families.

Beverly Hills also has a high number of elderly residents, making it a perfect place for retirees to bask in the warm California sun alongside their fellow senior citizens. That being said, if the nightclub and bar hopping scene is something you crave, while you won’t find Beverly Hills the most accommodating, West Hollywood is only a short drive away to service all of your partying needs.

Schools of Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills has its own school district that rates an A+ on The public schools are some of the best Los Angeles County has to offer, with four Kindergarten through Eighth Grade schools and two high schools that boast consistently high standardized test scores and college acceptance rates. Numerous private schools also call Beverly Hills home, giving families a plethora of educational options to choose from for their children.

Why You Should Move Here Now?

An Escape

If you've got the bucks and are interested in living in the middle of Los Angeles but also completely insulated from the intensity of that city you should put Beverly Hills on your shortlist.

Neighborhoods in Beverly Hills

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The Flats


The Flats are your best bet if you’re looking for a walkable neighborhood and have the bucks for one of the massive homes. There are fun restaurants and bars within walking/biking distance to the Downtown area, and for the outdoorsy among you The Flats has great parks like the stunning Beverly Gardens Park and Will Rogers Memorial Park. You won’t find more beautiful outdoor spaces in the county than these.
The homes in The Flats are typically iconic Spanish architecture and many of the streets are lined with tall majestic palm trees. There truly is no more stunning a set of homes than the wealthy blocks of The Flats. They do come with a hefty price tag at a median home price of $8.5m.

Benedict Canyon


Benedict Canyon is a secluded neighborhood that is home to many celebs including Jay Leno, Bruce Springsteen, and David Beckham. It’s prized for 1) massive, beautiful homes built into the hills 2) the views of the Canyon, Santa Monica Mountains and Los Angeles from your back deck 3) privacy that comes from living up in an area that feels like you're living in the countryside. 4) an incredibly short commute down the hill to the commercial areas of Beverly Hills, or down the other side of the Canyon to the shops of the Valley.

The Canyon preserves its beauty and safety via the Benedict Canyon Association that works to stave off obscene development or misuse of lands. All of this beauty and privacy comes with a median price tag of $6.7m.

Beverly Glen


Beverly Glen sits at the edge of Beverly Hills and Bel Air and is predominantly single-family homes and a notable air of tranquility. Plenty of celebs make this neighborhood home, including Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence, and Reese Witherspoon. The area is extremely popular with families who appreciate the wonderful schools in the area and the direct access to tons of outdoor activities.

Much of the outdoor experiences available come from Beverly Glen Park. The park has 3.5 acres of hiking trails, community pool, tennis courts, playground spaces, and amazing open green spaces for kiddos and doggos to roam.

The homes in the neighborhood have a median price of $3.5m which shockingly is not too crazy for the area. While there are certainly mansions in Beverly Glens, the homes are at a more reasonable scale for more "modest" families.

Beverly Park


Beverly Park is a gated community on the northern edge of Beverly Hills. It's divided into two areas: North Beverly Park and South Beverly Park. There is probably no neighborhood more associated with stars than Beverly Park and the homes match the glamour of the residents. Th average home size is 20,000 square feet(minimum requirement of 5,000 sq ft) and there are only 80 or so homes across the two communities. The gates and privacy they represent is a distinct characteristic separating Beverly Park from other neighborhoods in the area and is in part why celebrities flock to any open home that comes available.

Every home lives up to the mission of the South Beverly Park developers: "develop South Beverly Park as an idyllic community of historic-feeling grand estates that would feel like the Beverly Hills of yesteryear".

Golden Triangle (Downtown)

Young Professionals/DINKs

The Golden Triangle is the center of commerce in Beverly Hills. It's where the luxury shopping and exquisite dining happens on Rodeo Drive. It's also where the tourists come to shop themselves or just to ogle the wealth and hope for a star sighting. It's also where many of the younger professionals who choose to make Beverly Hills home live amidst the many condo and apartment buildings that rise above or adjacent to the retail offerings.

The Golden Triangle is also home to the Beverly Hills Community Dog Park, so if you have a doggo and are a registered resident you can release the hound off-leash for play. The neighborhood is also home to Beverly Hills Farmer's Market, which runs every Sunday morning and offers the usual produce + a small petting zoo for the kiddos. Finally, there the neighborhood is also home to the Beverly Hills Public Library, a hugely popular spot for families during story times and for adults looking for a quiet reading spot.