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Playing for the Kansas City Monarchs was like my school, my learning, my world. It was my whole life.
-Ernie Banks

Best Part About Kansas City

The Entertainment Scene

It’s probably not surprising that a town known for BBQ and jazz has a lot to offer anyone looking for a great day out. If you’re into breweries, check out Boulevard Brewing Co. or KC Bier Co. If you’re a foodie, look no further than Joe’s, Jack Stack, or Arthur Bryant’s for great BBQ or try brunch at Succotash if you’re BBQ’d out (as if). For family fun, check out Worlds of Fun and Oceans of Fun for a great weekend adventure. The arts scene in KC is surprisingly amazing with places like Blue Room and Green Lady Lounge for live jazz and the Kansas City Symphony and Kansas City Ballet for even more entertainment! Bottom line, if you’re moving to KC for a good time, you made the right choice!

Here are some pros from a local:
The cuisines that they have readily available are really good.

Midtown is legitimately hip, not just a bunch of trustifarians pretending to be poor like so many other urban cores.

Decent farmer's markets in the summer.

It's a very pretty city. Architecture and trees are great everywhere.

The people are happy you're there. KC people are extremely welcoming to outsiders, excited about it even. They love to share KC with newcomers.

Worst Part About Kansas City

MO vs. KS

Kansas City actually spans two states: Missouri and Kansas. We’re telling you because you will need to know this if you move. Not just for the logistical reasons of, you know, which state you’re going to live in, but also because locals do not joke around when it comes to the “KCMO vs. KCK” rivalry. Most sane residents agree that it’s a ridiculous argument to be making and they just want to get along with everyone, but there are a select few cough Chief’s fans cough that will want to start something over it. You have been warned!
-You’ll need a car
-MO two trash bag rule?

Lifestyle of Kansas City

Kansas City is the biggest small city you’ll ever visit. The locals are nice, the food is great, and there are quiet neighborhoods with kids running around all weekend. With an average age of 35, it’s a great place for young professionals and young families to settle down without giving up and moving to the suburb suburbs. Commutes are short and the job market is hot in KC. The downside being that the winters can be brutal (wind chill is no joke) and some locals complain that the nightlife isn’t as big as other cities.

If you're curious what happens in KC/KC check out the calendar of events: https://www.visitkansascityks.com/events/

Workstyle of Kansas City

As one of the top cities for jobs, Kansas city has a number of great opportunities for recent graduates or transplants. The top industries are health care, manufacturing, transportation, and trade, with companies like Hallmark Cards, Burns & McDonnel, H&R Block, among others headquartered in Kansas City. Although the top employers are University of Kansas Hospital, the University of Kansas Medical Center, and General Motors, there is also a growing startup scene and Kansas City is known for being a great place to start a business.

Why You Should Move Here Now?

It's Just Right

Kansas City is a great in-between city for people who are either looking to downgrade from a huge city like Atlanta or Chicago or people who are looking to size up from smaller towns. The cost of living makes it a no-brainer if you’ve recently went remote with your job and are looking for something new!

Agents in Kansas City, KS

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Living in Kansas City, KS

Neighborhoods in Kansas City, KS

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Brookside (MO)

College Students

For a college town feel with all the great activities and youthful feeling, check out these great neighborhoods that are full of amazing apartments, great restaurants, and a ton of bars.

  • Brookside (MO)
  • Waldo (MO)

River Market (MO)

Young Professionals

Young professionals will hit the jackpot in Kansas City. There’s a low cost of living and a ton to do. Check out these neighborhoods if you want to live in a cool, slightly-hipster part of town that has great restaurants, breweries, and fun things to do on the weekends:

  • River Market (MO)
  • Crown Center District (MO)
  • Waldo (MO)
  • Brookside (MO)

Prairie Village, Kansas City, Kansas

Young Families

There are a ton of places in KC to settle down and start a family if that’s your thing! There are plenty of quieter suburbs that have great schools but are still close to fun activities.

  • Prairie Village (KS)
  • Crown Center District (MO)
  • Country Club Plaza (MO)
  • Westport (MO)


Established Families

The best part about KC is that it’s small enough that you can be a “regular” somewhere, but still find new things to explore with the whole family.

  • Leawood (KS)
  • Overland Park (KS)
  • Prairie Village (KS)

Country Club Plaza

Empty Nesters

If you find your nest recently empty, it might be time to consider Kansas City! There are a ton of entertainment options and places to live that keep you within walking distance to the fun. Start with River Market which has great apartment/condo options plus all the restaurants and bars you could want.

  • River Market (MO)
  • Prairie Village (KS)
  • Country Club Plaza (MO)