McKinney, Texas

Home of the Lions

Texas has a tight cohesiveness perhaps stronger than any other section of America. Rich, poor, Panhandle, Gulf, city, country, Texas is the obsession, the proper study, and the passionate possession of all Texans.
–John Steinbeck

Best Part About McKinney?

If you like conservative family towns!

McKinney is frequently rated high on lists for the city overall and for raising families in particular. If you like your politics and schools red you’re going to like it here. Banning CRT (regardless of it not being taught), banning books, and sexuality and gender regulations are hot button issues that are generally passing in the McKinney school district. Expect local and national elections to vote conservative or extreme conservative here. If that’s your cup of tea this could be your place.

In the words of a local who seems supportive but pointed:
It is another suburb of Dallas. It is essentially very red (conservative), and reasonably safe.

Quality of life is very high, public safety very good. Overall infrastructure is new - McKinney didn’t start really growing until about 30 years ago. It has exploded since they changed out the city council from a bunch of no-growth farmers to people wanting to become a suburb full of soccer moms. Taxes are about average to above average. There are 3 high schools. They have built the biggest and most expensive football stadium in the State.

Worst Part About McKinney?

If you dislike conservative family towns!

There are plenty of families moving to southern states like Texas, looking to take advantage of the lower cost of living. If you’re liberal, and are considering McKinney you may want to double-check yourself. While growth has brought a bit of diversity, at least in thinking, overall the population and the schools will feel unwelcoming on the political and policy front.

Here's the pov of a local progressive:
Everything is great about McKinney as far as shopping, and real estate prices. It is almost all white which bugs me. The politics are ultra conservative so if that is what you like then you are in heaven. As a liberal, which I am, it’s a nightmare. At least Fox News is not on every place you go as it has been due to more liberals moving here. Tons of churches.

Lifestyle of McKinney

As recently as 2014 McKinney was rated the best city in the U.S. to live by Money Magazine. That ranking plus overall migration trends have driven tremendous growth in McKinney and the other north Dallas suburbs. This is a deeply family-driven suburban city of Dallas and the lifestyle mirrors that role. It has very high ranked schools, great parks, tons of family-friendly activities, and relative to other parts of the country (we see you Cali), amazing prices on homes. You are very close to Downtown Dallas here so expect to head into the big city for more glamor nights out but also know there are plenty of more casual restaurant/bar options in town.

If you want to know what's happening in McKinney check out the calendar of events:

Workstyle of McKinney

Many of the north Dallas suburban cities cater to commuters heading to Dallas-based headquarters but there are several big employers here: Raytheon in the defense space, Torchmark in insurance, and several health/medical facilities. Overall though the majority of residents live in McKinney and other northern suburbs to get affordable housing and commute into work.

Why You Should Move Here Now?

Education/Family Lifestyle > Cost of Living

The cost of living relative to the quality of education and family lifestyle is hard to beat. There are tons of apartment buildings that are going up nonstop in the area if you’re looking to rent, and even though housing costs have gone up quite a bit if you’re coming from the west or east coasts you’ll find it affordable.