Healdsburg, California

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Healdsburg Plaza
Healdsburg Plaza
Center Street Shopping
Center Street Shopping
Healdsburg Vineyard
Healdsburg Vineyard
Healdsburg Future Farmers Fair
Healdsburg Future Farmers Fair



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The epicenter of food and wine - to me that's what Sonoma County is. -- Guy Fieri

The Best Thing About Healdsburg?


Healdsburg has just eleven thousand or so residents but in spite of that small package it offers an amazing historic downtown area with a world class foodie scene, beautiful suburban neighborhoods, and finally some of the most stunning rural vineyards and farms you can live amidst if that’s your preference. If you choose to live in a small town but want that town to deliver an amazing lifestyle you could hardly do better than Healdsburg.

The Worst Thing About Healdsburg?


So this is a tricky one. What’s it like to live in a town so beautiful and iconic that everyone flocks there to visit? If you live in Healdsburg, at least in the Downtown, expect to see lots of tourists enjoying the art, food and wine at the local spots. Is this a bad thing? Since many locals earn their living from the hospitality industry most would argue its a good thing. We’ll suspend judgment and simply note that plenty of locals will moan about tourists (and SF tech types) ruining the humble town they remember.

Lifestyle of Healdsburg

A Tale of Two Cities

Healdsburg is often described as a haven for wine lovers and a theme park for grown-ups with world class restaurants and wineries. It is though a tale of two cities as you have second-home owners and airbnb renters mixing with long-time local families and agricultural workers. If you want a suburban family lifestyle – kids in public schools, little league and girl scouts, dogs and playing in parks on weekends, then Healdsburg has that available. If on the other hand you’re looking for a second or retirement home with lots of great wine, meals a short walk from home, and tons of downtown events and boutique experiences (and you have the money to pay for it) then Healdsburg offers that as well.

Worklife of Healdsburg

Pretty much no one moves to Healdsburg to find a job. Unless you’re in the wine or farming biz. And if that’s the case then you’re probably going to live well outside the expensive city confines. Healdsburg is primarily a tourist town and so most people work in the hospitality industry or they’re wealthy tech types working remotely, or they’re empty nesters/retirees looking to enjoy the warm weather and entertaining downtown. If you’re looking for work and aren’t planning to work in wine/farming or hospitality then check out Santa Rosa, about 15 miles south.

Why You Should Move Here Now?

Fruits of Your Labor

The prices of homes in Healdsburg are mind-boggling for those unfamiliar with Bay Area realty. A median price for homes of $1.8mm makes it out of reach for most. If you do have the bucks though and are empty nesting or retiring then Healdsburg is pretty wonderful. It checks off a lot of boxes for most: year-round warm weather, good walkscore to downtown culture and entertainment, and a population looking to enjoy the fruits of their labor.

Neighborhoods in Healdsburg

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Downtown/Healdsburg Plaza

Young Professionals/Empty Nesters/Retirees/2nd Homers

Downtown Healdsburg is a wonderful area of the town to live if you can find an apartment to rent or a home to buy. It’s the center of the cultural and social experiences available, all within a short walk. If you’re a young professional in the hospitality biz or otherwise then this is really your only choice. There are several apartment building options, both standalone and above the downtown retail. The most notable area of downtown is on the south side, which is where the largest, most historic homes are and where those who want to live just a few minutes from the city center and can afford the prices.

The Lanes


A great neighborhood close to downtown on the northeast side of town that has homes closer to $1.2mm or less. Your walk to the downtown plaza is a mile or so and while the are itself is largely residential you are surrounded by parks and open spaces like the Healdsburg Ridge Preserve to the northwest, which has tons of hiking and panoramic views of the Russian River Valley. You also have Riverfront Park, along the banks of the Russian River, just south of the area. Finally just east of The Lanes is Fitch Mountain Park and Preserve, another amazing hiking trail option that winds through the redwood trees and also has stunning views of the area.

River's Bend

55+ Empty Nesters/Retirees

If you’re looking for a 55+ community in the area then check out River’s Bend. You get beautiful homes at significantly lower prices than other neighborhoods and you’re just a mile from Healdsburg Plaza. River’s Bend sits at the base of Fitch Mountain and the Russian River so if you’re a hiker, walker or paddler, you could hardly pick a better location. The neighborhood is primarily two bedroom, single story homes and you get wonderful common green spaces for daily walks or community events, and a beautiful pool, tennis court, and clubhouse for parties and dining.