Arlington, Texas


Texas stadium has a hole in its roof so God can watch his favorite team play. - Anonymous

The Best Thing About Arlington?

Things Are Bigger Here

There’s plenty to like about Arlington but the most obvious are the giant attractions: the Texas Rangers and the Dallas Cowboys play here, it has massive amusement and water parks, a huge university in UT Arlington, and if they run to your taste, very large homes. Things really are bigger in Arlington and that gives the city an energy outsized for its population. While much of Arlington has a suburban feel you won’t like you’re living in a sleepy ‘burb here with all that goes on throughout the year.

Local POV on things to do here: I've lived here my entire life and I still am able to find new things to do. There's ax throwing, river legacy, a few parks, the areas around the stadium with a studio movie grill and a bunch of retail shops and restaurants. Downtown Arlington is cute with a bunch of different restaurants and tea/coffee shops. Free play is a blast if you're over 21.

There's some card shops that host magic and pokemon tcg stuff. The Levitt is great and the library is also fantastic. South Arlington has the Parks which has a bunch of stuff like escape rooms and an arcade.

The Worst Thing About Arlington?

Getting Around

Arlington is the largest city in the U.S. without any public mass transit system. Combined with the constant events happening here it can get pretty snarled. Locals know how to get around the frequent mess but the influx of outsiders that descend on the attractions and events, make it tricky to avoid for a time.

Local note on traffic: I moved to Arlington in March, and my only complaint is traffic on i20 sucks from 5am to 2am every day.

Lifestyle Of Arlington

Living in Arlington is an odd mix of hardcore suburban mixed with big city attractions. The blocks are filled with suburban homes and big yards with lots of parks for play. However, you’re also surrounded by the stadiums for the Rangers and Cowboys and massive amusement and water parks so your daily activities could be as quiet or as loud as you’d like. Being 30 mins from Dallas doesn’t hurt in terms of offering more adventure than the suburban experience offers so most people who live here find they can shift back and forth comfortably between the two worlds. Downtown Arlington is also an option for a chill beer or BBQ if you find yourself without the energy to head to downtown Dallas.

Workstyle Of Arlington

Education is the leading sector of employment in Arlington. This includes both the Arlington ISD and University of Texas, Arlington campus. Entertainment is the next largest employee base with Six Flags and the Rangers topping the list. The job market in Arlington and the DFW area is excellent. If you come here for a job and things don’t work out you are in a good position to land on your feet given how many companies are moving and expanding here. While there are no statistics available yet it is anecdotally clear that many WFH’ers are moving to the area to take advantage of the low cost of living, great school districts and better weather than much of the country.

Why You Should Move Here Now?

Quiet Amidst The Storm

While Arlington is a suburb, it sits in between two bigger, more active cities in Dallas and Fort Worth. Which means that if you want to live on a quiet suburban street but be a 20 minute ride to active social or business districts then you’re going to like Arlington. Many who wish to escape dense cities these days but not get too far away from the action should put Arlington on their shortlist.