Omaha, Nebraska

Home On The Plain

Omaha, like Rome, is built on seven hills
-Alexander Payne

The Best Thing About Omaha?

You can probably get a job

Omaha has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country, with large companies increasingly drawn to the area’s spaciousness. The city also boasts a rising tech industry that has been given the name Silicon Prairie. Add to that a decent cost of living, and Omaha is a decent place to work and live.

A local's pov on the job market:
The job market in Omaha has been better than the rest of the country for many decades. That last recession wasn't bad at all here in Omaha, whereas things were pretty dire elsewhere.

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The Worst Thing About Omaha?

Public transportation

Omaha’s public transit is not very good, and not used. That coupled with unpredictable weather at both cold and hot extremes, means that you really need a car to get around the city. It’s fairly easy to get out, with MegaBus offering cheap bus rides to Chicago and Des Moines, but it’s hard to get around the city.

Here's a local's pov about public transport in Omaha:
Yeah our public transit is a total joke except for ORBT in my opinion. But ORBT obviously doesn't constitute a full transit system and we need the other buses to be reliable too if we ever want people take transit seriously here. I do understand rerouting buses for snow, as the city can be hilly in places and that presents a difficulty and danger for some bus routes.

Lifestyle Of Omaha

Omaha has a growing downtown cultural and social scene but the fastest growing segment of the population are families. Omaha is ideal for young families who will benefit from low cost housing, room to spread out, even within the city, and plenty of amenities to keep everyone in the family occupied. The city does have a music scene, between Centurylink Center for big concerts, and several summer concert series to keep your toes a tapping. There’s also a world class zoo, a magical children’s museum, tons of parks and an indoor waterpark during the scorching months of summer.

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Workstyle Of Omaha

Omaha is frequently ranked as having the lowest unemployment rate in the country. Massive and successful corporations including Berkshire Hathaway, TD Ameritrade, Omaha Steaks, Union Pacific Railroad and Mutual of Omaha call this home. That means incredibly high paying jobs in a low cost city. Not a bad combination. In many ways the work culture of Omaha can feel a bit like an earlier era in America, if both Moms and Dads were working outside of the home back then – big companies offering secure employment in a city with reasonably priced homes and a mostly suburban lifestyle.

Why You Should Move Here Now?

A new transit system

In 2019, Omaha made its biggest investment ever in its transit system, with a brand new rapid transit line called ORBT. It has made a big difference in getting around the city, and tying neighborhoods together. More improvements are planned.