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Best Part About Chandler

Playful City, USA

Chandler has been recognized in the Playful City USA programs for ten years running. Playful City USA was a recognition program that ran for ten years honoring cities and towns that ensured kids in their communities were getting the balanced and active play they needed.

There are many things that contributed to Chandler’s recognition as a playful town, including the completion of Roadrunner Park, Centennial and Valencia parks and the city’s commitment to expanding their parks program for years to come. Amenities in these parks include shaded playgrounds, lighted pathways for nighttime play, sporting courts, and more! Families who’ve always lived here or moved in more recent years LOVE what these parks have added to the communal play aspect of the city. Suburban yards are fine and dandy but getting kids and families together in these booming parks is the best part about living in Chandler.

Review of Chandler from a local: Engineer living in Chandler, although I have three kids. Plenty to do for what you're looking for. Lots of good bars/restaurants in the downtown Gilbert and Chandler areas. Downtown Gilbert has regular food truck festivals. Decent hiking 20 minutes to the west at South Mountain. Superb hiking 45 minutes to the east in the Superstitions. Camping in the pines 90 minutes to the north. If you're into cycling, you can do it year round (provided you get up at 4:00 AM in the summer). I honestly wouldn't live anywhere else, but I also despise cold weather.

Worst Part About Chandler

Antisocial Summers

Let’s be real, we’re talking about the southwest here, so there’s no real escape from warmer months. In Chandler you’re in for very, very hot summers. We’re talking consistent triple digits and seatbelt buckles that could give you second degree burns. Unfortunately for recent transplants, this can mean that making friends in the summer, especially in the time of COVID, can be tricky. Most locals go from an air conditioned car, to an air conditioned store, back to an air conditioned home (or a friend’s) with a pool on repeat until the temps drop again. Your best bet is to rent an apartment with amenities so you can be social there or to have your own pool and entice new friends into hanging out at your place!

A local on the heat and how they cope: *It is going to be far hotter than you will imagine. You will need a towel to cover your steering wheel and seat, plus a sun shield in the window. You will need to drink far more water than you are used to. You may find yourself shifting your grocery shopping to the early hours to get away from some of the heat.

You can be in cool weather in the mountains within an hour or so. There are gorgeous parks even in the city. I think you will find it very different and quickly fall in love, especially as it begins to cool off next winter, and the rest of the nation is buried in snow and ice.*

Lifestyle of Chandler

Chandler is a family friendly, safe area with a lot more activities than your typical suburb. Downtown you can find retail, restaurants, and movie theaters to keep you entertained on your off hours. Chandler is essentially a supped up suburb, so while there might not be the same amount of nightlife as neighboring Phoenix, it’s a perfect place to raise kids and you’ll see everyone out and about when the weather isn’t in the triple digits. Even then, locals say that the summers are tolerable, especially if you can find a home with a pool or friends with a pool so you can stay social and get outside even when the weather is blistering.

Workstyle of Chandler

Chandler has a mix of people that commute outside the city for work and those that find work inside the city. Intel has one of the biggest presences in the city and is the top employer, ahead of Wells Fargo and the Chandler Unified School District. There are multiple headquarters in Chandler including Keap, Microchip, and Rogers. Despite being so close to Phoenix, the job market within city limits is excellent. The city has been growing job-wise steadily since 2003, even despite the 2008 recession.

Why Move Here Now?

Family Life on a Budget

Chandler is a perfect place to move if you’re looking for a new city for your family or planning on starting one soon. It's kid-friendly, safe, and you’ll get way more bang for your buck when looking for a new home. Centrally located to; Phoenix, Scottsdale, Mesa, and Tempe with plenty of shopping, bars/restaurants, or kid-friendly activities, the people who live here love it because they can keep it smaller in their hometown but have access to these bigger cities in minutes.

We don’t doubt for a second that some of the growth coming for places like Chandler are going to be the new work-from-homers who’ve historically avoided commutes but will now welcome the lower prices of a Chandler when they’re matched with some downtown lifestyle and the school and neighborhood benefits.

Neighborhoods in Chandler

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Chandler has a quiet, laid-back, family feel. A majority of people own their own homes, but there are also an abundance of relatively affordable apartment complexes as well. One of the cooler things we like about Chandler are the neighborhoods like Ocotillo that have an ordinance that all developed property must have 60% dedicated to greenery(grass, trees, shrubs, etc.). While we want this greenery to be sensitive to water issues it is good to know these neighborhoods are less desert-vibe and more comfortable-neighborhood in look and feel.


Young Professionals/Retirees

Chandler has historically been built much more for families than young professionals. That is definitely changing and you can see it with the growth in bars, restaurants and a boom in loft-style apartments and condos all within walking distance of the downtown scene. While downtowns are often the choice of young singles we also see plenty of retirees embracing the idea of living a short walk from a night out and the city's primary amenities.

  • Park Promenade
  • Downtown



If you’re starting a family soon, you’ll love Chandler’s family-friendly nature and the amenities it has that surpass the expectations of a typical suburb. These neighborhoods will give you a chance to find a great house, without sacrificing the feel of a city. Ocotillo in particular draws our eye for its regulations for greenery that make young families really feel like they’re living in a developed neighborhood. As the little ones grow up they’re going to want that greenery for play and shade.

  • Ocotillo
  • West Chandler

Chandler Crossing Estates


One of the more popular neighborhood types in Chandler for those looking for big homes, mature landscaping and lots of community amenities, are the areas surrounding the area golf clubs. Ocotillo East and Fulton Ranch are good examples of these neighborhoods with; golf, community pools and clubhouses, communal parks, and everything else a growing family might be looking for.

  • Chandler Crossing Estates
  • Sun Groves
  • Ocotillo East
  • Fulton Ranch