Brentwood, California

Corn Town

Downtown Brentwood
Downtown Brentwood
Brentwood Festival
Brentwood Festival
Brentwood Park
Brentwood Park
Veteran's Park
Veteran's Park



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The Best Thing About Brentwood?

Picking Fruit

Brentwood is historically an agricultural town and some of that culture still exists here. If you want to go to farms and pick cherries or strawberries you still can - and it’s really fun. More importantly though is the way in which Brentwood is at the intersection of a growth-mode suburb and a rural, outdoor experience. Some of that outdoor experience comes from the farms that surround the area, some from the many parks and 63 miles of bike lanes within the city, some from the many wineries in and around the city and some from an outstanding Farmer’s Market that offers the local grower’s produce. Altogether the city offers both the best of a suburb and country living that comes from its rural, agricultural, outdoor-centric history.

The Worst Thing About Brentwood?

Commute (or the Heat)

If you are commuting from Brentwood to San Francisco or Oakland every weekday then that will be the worst thing about Brentwood for you. If you’re not then it’s probably going to be the heat. It gets toasty out here and all signs point to it just getting hotter over the coming years.

Lifestyle of Brentwood

The lifestyle of Brentwood is for many about the integration of a suburban and country living -- with tons of integrated green spaces within the city and amazing outdoor activity opportunities outside the city. Living here you are close to the Delta and Discovery Bay so many locals take advantage of access to the beaches and boating and all the other water-based fun you can have. You’re also close to plenty of wineries and participatory farms and amazing bike/hiking trails. Families who live here take advantage of all the outdoors has to offer.

Outside of all that fresh air and exercise or leisure time, most of Brentwood is built for raising families. Good schools, big homes that are affordably priced by Northern California standards, lots of parks and sports and extracurricular activities dominate the time for families here.
Brentwood also has a cool, historic downtown district that is filled with 50 or so casual and upscale restaurants, a dozen bars/pubs, another ½ dozen groovy cafes and plenty of boutique shopping. Downtown also plays host to the many community events that happen throughout the year. This includes the popular Farmer’s Market, Wine Walks & Tastings, holiday celebrations for all the majors, and just general community gatherings in the center of town, solidifying the strong community vibe you get living here.

Schools of Brentwood

Brentwood Union Elementary School District rates an “A-” on Many of the elementary schools rate an "A" and some in the "B-B+" range so worth it to keep an eye on the neighborhood and which school it is zoned for, if you’re into that kind of thing. At the high school level things get really good. Brentwood is part of the Liberty Union High School District and rates a solid A on Both Liberty High and Heritage High rate an A on niche so locals move here to access these excellent schools.

Why You Should Move Here Now?


If you’re packing your car and heading out of San Francisco or Oakland or Berkeley to find affordable homes, good schools and an outdoor more country lifestyle then look at Brentwood. It’s cheaper than SF or Oakland or Berkeley, the schools are excellent and you’re living at the nexus of many of the great outdoor experiences available in Northern California.

Neighborhoods in Brentwood

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Brentwood Hills


Brentwood Hills is in the northeastern part of the city and is beloved for its beautiful views of the surrounding hills. The “rural” vibe of the neighborhood means you get bigger homes than most neighborhoods and much larger lots for your kiddos and doggos to play. The median price for a home here is $850k+

In addition to the big lots you also get lots of green spaces here with several parks in the neighborhood including: Veteran's Park and Pioneer Park. Veteran’s offers volleyball, bocce, playgrounds for the kiddos, a skate park and best of all, a water park to cool off in during the hot summer months. Depending where in the Hills you live you’re zoned for either Ron Nunn Elementary or J Douglas Adams Elementary, both A-rated schools.

Downtown Brentwood

Families/Young Professionals/DINKs

Downtown is the commercial and cultural center of the city and for a small town it really punches above its weight. Small-town centers often didn’t survive the advent of big box stores and loss of populations in the decline of family farms but Brentwood made it through and as a result the downtown area is truly a mainstreet marvel. There are tons of shops, restaurants, pubs and entertainment spots (movies/music etc.) and new upscale apartment buildings like The Silvergate that offer walkability to nights and weekends “out on the town”.

Apple Hill Estates


Apple Hill Estates is a gated community in the western part of the city. It is known for luxury homes, well guarded streets and beautiful views of the surrounding hills. It has an outstanding reputation for a tight community and locals celebrate the friendliness of the neighbors and how safe they feel letting their kids play in the open spaces and parks. The amenities in the neighborhood are spectacular, with a community pool and club house, tennis courts, basketball courts and plenty of community events. Interestingly the neighborhood is also home to several vineyards and wineries, which maintains that rural feeling and an opportunity to grab a glass when you’re feeling up for it. Homes in the neighborhood are pricier than others and have a median price of $1.1+m.

Shadow Lakes


Shadow Lakes is a golf course community in the southeastern part of the city. The 800 or so homes here sit at the base of Mt. Diablo and as such have beautiful views of the mountain. In addition to the views there are several wonderful parks, lakes and walking trails, making this neighborhood perhaps the most spectacular outdoor spot in the city.

One of those outdoor experiences offered is the Shadow Lakes Golf Club. A spectacular championship golf course available to locals and the general public and offering not only the golf but a beautiful event venue for local community gatherings. Shadow Lakes is home to and zoned for excellent schools including Pioneer Elementary and Adams Middle School. The homes in Shadow Lakes have a median home price of $950k.