Oceanside, California

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The future always looks good in the golden land, because no one remembers the past.
-Joan Didion

The Best Thing About Oceanside?

Life’s Better in Flip Flops

When you close your eyes and picture stereotypical California, chances are you’re picturing something that looks a whole lot like Oceanside. It’s pretty Idyllic year-round and lives up to its name with miles of beaches for every taste. Harbor Beach is the largest and is lauded as one of the best surf spots in one of the most respected surf areas in the country. City Beach is great for kids and has a pier that you’ve probably seen in plenty of Instagram Posts. Buccaneer Beach is a smaller, but its adjacent lawn, creek, and cafe give you more to do than just tan.

Nice summary of love for Oceanside from a former resident:
It depends on what type of person you are. I hated La Jolla and felt nothing for Carlsbad, but really loved Oceanside. The people are surfer or beach types who are more relaxed. The beach was always so close and I loved walking it at night. My housemate was a huge Harley riding sweetheart who was building his own bed because they didn't make one that could fit him. We used to ride into downtown and get coffee. People were so friendly. It was the only place I ever lived in Southern CA that I loved.

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The Worst Thing About Oceanside?

Cali Crowds

The issue with being somewhere everyone wants to be is that, well, everyone wants to be there. Those moving to Oceanside from out of state will receive a rude welcome to the California housing market, as housing in Oceanside is more expensive than even the Golden State average. The weather and a combination of other factors have led to the state of California having a homelessness problem and Oceanside is no exception to the issue. Traffic resulting both from commuters to San Diego and tourists coming into Oceanside to hit the beach make driving a pain. There’s no getting around that, unfortunately, as Oceanside’s sprawl makes a car a necessity.

Here are some cons about living in Oceanside from a local:
Lots of homeless people, and petty crime such as car break-ins. Don't leave anything in your car overnight. Also make sure to chop up your registration sticker on your car because I've had that stolen a couple times, too. The schools are ok but over the border in Carlsbad is much better. Also in the beach areas, it's super LOUD at night.

Lifestyle of Oceanside

After reading that potentially stressful last section, take a deep breath. Did the sweet ocean breeze waft in with your breath and calm you with its gentle bliss? Well it could have. Life in Oceanside revolves, unsurprisingly, around the ocean and beach. Surfing, fishing, tanning and whale watching are all popular and possible in Oceanside. Residents are often described as having laid back surfer energy culture. LA and San Diego are also a manageable drive away for those that might be looking for big city amenities.

If you want to see everything going on in Oceanside check out the calendar of events: https://visitoceanside.org/oceanside-events-calendar/

Why You Should Move Here Now?

Everybody's Gone Surfin

If you’re looking to get away from the metropolises of Los Angeles or San Diego while still keeping that same So-Cal flavor, look no further. If you have a beach town dream and are willing to sacrifice some big city amenities, check out Oceanside.

Neighborhoods in Oceanside

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Young Professionals

The Townsite neighborhood of Oceanside is the center of the beachside area of the city. It contains its most popular places to visit, for locals and tourists, has plenty of oceanfront homes, and most importantly to young professionals has the best options for apartment and condo buildings. It also is home to plenty of restaurants, bars, cafes, the best beaches and all the surfside activities you could ever want. If you’re young and looking to play, this is your spot. https://yournorthcounty.com/oceanside-neighborhood-guide-townsite/

  • Townsite
  • Downtown

Rancho Del Oro


Rancho Del Oro is a much loved neighborhood of Oceanside by families. Located next to downtown it is close to restaurants, bars, and much of Oceanside’s entertainment options without the ruckus of downtown. It has a mix of home options from big newer luxury homes to smaller homes within neighborhood communities. The area is filled with parks, playgrounds and community pools for the kiddos to enjoy. In addition to all this of course you’re near the beach so if you want your kids to be surfers that can happen too.

  • Rancho Del Oro
  • Calavera Hills
  • Tamarack Point
  • San Luis Rey