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Nevada's one of the most conservative states in the Union, but you can do what you want in Vegas and nobody judges you.
-Drew Carey

Best Part About North Las Vegas

Low Cost of Living

Say it with me: “Not all Las Vegas Metro cities are built the same.” Yes, they’re all desert climates and, yes, they’re all within driving distance to the party that is Las Vegas, but they are quite different. The biggest benefit to North Las Vegas versus Henderson or even Summerlin is going to be price. Compared to other parts of the metro area, North Las Vegas is going to be the biggest bang for your buck. Within the city you can choose to stay on the southern end and be closer to the Strip or escape the crazy tourist traps and go even further north, but no matter where you go the houses are going to be larger than you expect for cheaper than you thought possible, especially when you factor in HOA fees, as is common with the planner communities that are in any Las Vegas-adjacent suburb.

Here is the pov on North Las Vegas from a local:
Lived in NLV for 4 years, and love it. Here are my experiences: NLV: has good and bad areas, but - as you stated - every city does. Since you've been here, trust your impressions. There are opportunities for just about anything you want to do in NLV. I only go to the strip a few times per year - everything else I want to do I can do away from the strip. The general area has a TON of outdoor opportunities really close. Camping, hiking, water sports, skiing, Offroading. You name it.

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Worst Part About North Las Vegas

The Noise

North Las Vegas is home to a ton of military families due to its proximity to Nellis Air Force Base. It also makes sense when you think about how everyone says North Las Vegas is a great place to raise a family. For that huge pro, there is one huge con: the noise. In certain parts of the city, the noise from Nellis can be deafening, some residents say it’s even enough to set off car alarms. It’s fairly common to hear several of the base’s practice runs during the day and while most locals swear that there aren’t any at night, it’s still something you should consider when researching neighborhoods.

Here's a local with a mixed pov about North Las Vegas:
Yes, if it's really North Las Vegas and not just northern Las Vegas, it is not a particularly safe part of town. Advice to stay west of 95 is good. As far as I'm aware anywhere West of 95 is good - Centennial in the north is a bit far from a lot of things but quiet and pretty safe, Summerlin and Spring Valley to the sound can be a bit pricey but still nice and safe, and you'll tend to have more restaurants and stores nearby. The airforce base is up there. Don’t be alarmed if you hear fighter jets or military helicopters flying overhead.

Lifestyle of North Las Vegas

There are a ton of young professionals as well as families in North Las Vegas. The area is heavily influenced by both Nellis Air Force Base and the Strip. Despite the low median age of just above 30, there isn’t a ton to do at night. The main reason is because North Las Vegas is going through a bit of a growth spurt. The city is moving quickly to build enough homes, apartments, and condos to accommodate for the rapid growth it’s seeing. The families and young professionals that are there now benefit from the low cost of living and the knowledge that there is the promise of mom and pop shops and independent stores on the horizon.

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Workstyle of North Las Vegas

For being so close to the Strip, North Las Vegas doesn’t have a booming retail economy like it’s metro-area counterparts. Manufacturing, industrial, and warehouse distribution companies dominate the local economy over the past few decades. The most recent economic development has come as a result of the tech companies moving out of the Bay Area and finding smaller cities to call home. North Las Vegas is seeing an influx of solar and green tech moving into the area, which bodes well for the city's future.

Why You Should Move Here Now?


North Las Vegas is a great value for the money. If you’re looking to move around the Strip and you’re concerned about pricing, there’s a good chance your search will point you towards North Las Vegas, especially when you see how much house you can get for the price. It’s a city that’s growing rapidly and only has good things to look forward to. If you can stick out the awkward years you will be rewarded!

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Living in North Las Vegas

Neighborhoods in North Las Vegas

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Young Professionals

North Las Vegas is great for young professionals looking for a more quiet area and the opportunity to purchase their first home or condo. It won’t have the nightlife that people think of when you say “Vegas!” but that’s kind of the beauty of it!

  • Craig Ranch Park
  • Centennial and 5th
  • Downtown


Young Families

If you’re looking to settle down in North Las Vegas you’re going to love the low home prices, compared to Henderson or surrounding areas. You can get a lot of home for cheap, but keep an eye on your commute. While the north side of the city is super nice, if you work anywhere near the Strip you’ll be in for a headache of a morning drive.

  • Aliante
  • Northridge
  • Craig Ranch Park

Sierra Ranch

Established Families

Families with older kids are going to like the huge homes for the great prices. If you’re relocating with your family, you really don’t want to get into some crazy bidding war and dip into your oldest’s college savings. These houses may have sparse landscaping, but that just means you can really appreciate the desert atmosphere (and no Joe from the HOA complaining that your grass is overgrown).

  • Aliante
  • Sierra Ranch
  • Centennial Hills

Sun City Summerlin


If you're retired and relocating from someplace like the Bay Area or Los Angeles North Las Vegas is the place. New homes run $300k vs. multiple millions plus in the other West Coast cities. Access to great restaurants, golf, warm weather and serious healthcare.

  • Sun City Summerlin
  • Spanish Hills
  • Los Prados