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Sunny Days: 281
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Surfin' is the only life the only way for me
Now surf
Surf with me
-Beach Boys

Best Part About Huntington Beach

Surf City USA

HB is a whole vibe. The people are laid back, the waves are impeccable, and everything moves with that signature SoCal ease. The city is most known for its surf culture, hosting a ton of competitions and tourists every year. What you might not know is why it’s been named (and trademarked!) as Surf City. The legendary waves are due to a combination of factors. The first is that the ocean currents in HB build up along either side of the pear in the shape of a fan, making waves higher as they approach the shore. The second is that the city lies in the center of a “bay” between Dana Point and Long Beach, which takes the majority of waves from South Pacific storms. If you’re looking for a great spot to surf, check out the Cliffs, Dog Beach, Bolsa Chica, and the Southside of the Pier!

Here are some pros from a local:
-Mild climate in every season.
-More clear, sunny days than in most parts of the world.
-It’s semi-arid. The air is pleasantly dry on hot days.
-It's a beach.
-It has a harbor. The back bay is a bird refuge; you can walk around it or visit by kayak.
-The beach at the end of the peninsula is called The Wedge, and is considered one of the most challenging surfing spots in the world.
-Good restaurants.
-Whale watching.
-Proximity to Los Angeles without actually being in it. Jobs and commerce.
-Unlike most of Southern California, the air is always clean and fresh.
-No rocks in the surf (apart from the jetty at the entrance to the harbor.
-The beach is raked frequently to keep the sand clean.

Worst Part About Huntington Beach

Weekend Warriors

Huntington Beach is unfortunately a tourist town. It’s not just the great surfing that brings people here from all over the world, but also the amazing nightlife. Weekends downtown can find you back to front with people you do not know in a bar that reeks of spilled vodka red bulls. In a COVID-19 world, this can be uncomfortable for more reasons than just having someone slosh their drink on you within 10 minutes of entering the bar. The good news is that if you’re a local, you can get insider info on the best places to go on the weekends and the surf spots that won’t be absolutely crawling with people every weekend morning!

Here's a local with a pov about Newport Beach vs. Huntington Beach: I’m 26 myself and I’d lean towards Newport (I’ve lived in Huntington Beach my whole life) Newport’s waves tend to be smaller so it would be good for learning to surf (beaches there have always seemed cleaner too) , the nightlife is better in Newport….Huntington can attract a trashy crowd. As far as commute it depends where exactly you are in relation to the freeway but Newport is obviously closer in distance.

Lifestyle of Huntington Beach

Huntington Beach is first and foremost a beach town. There is a huge surf culture here and beach life is alive and well. Locals are so protective over their beachfront that construction is prohibited without a vote by current homeowners. There are a ton of beach events year round including US Open of Surfing, the Pacific Air Show, and a famous Fourth of July parade every year. Besides being protective over the beach, residents are also always fighting for the state parks, protected wetlands, and marshes within city limits. This can cause tension, at times, when you also find out that Huntington Beach is also known for its offshore drilling. A spill in October 2021 caused irreparable damage to wetlands and instilled once again how happy residents will be when that underwater well finally runs dry which, according to local sources, is sooner than you’d think!

If you want to know everything happening in Huntington Beach check out the calendar of events:

Workstyle of Huntington Beach

The economy of Huntington Beach has historically relied heavily on oil. HB sits above a large natural fault structure that contains plenty of it. Residents are thankful, though, that oil production will likely cease eventually and tourism will replace oil as the main source of revenue for the city, along with technology. The city is home to over 650 industrial businesses including Boeing (the city’s top employer), Quicksilver, and Cambro Manufacturing. Besides manufacturing, tourism leads the economy and there are a number of businesses, including shopping and restaurants, that thrive due to the city’s history of being a vacation destination.

Why You Should Move Here Now?

A Respite from the Madness

Huntington Beach is the perfect place if you’re a burnt out millennial looking for some respite from crowded cities and swapping air with strangers on the subway. The relaxed vibe of the city plus the amazing schools, parks, and public spaces, also attracts families from California and beyond who want to soak up the sun, enjoy the beaches and the Cali weather!

Agents in Huntington Beach

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Living in Huntington Beach

Neighborhoods in Huntington Beach

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Golden West

Young Professionals

Huntington Beach is a remote work paradise. You’ll find yourself getting less and less stressed about last minute meetings when you know the beach is just a stone’s throw away when you’re finally able to log off. If dog beaches and great restaurants are your thing, check out these neighborhoods:

  • Golden West
  • Bolsa Chica
  • Downtown

Fountain Valley

Young Families

Young Families are going to love Huntington Beach because it’s laid back. It has the perfect atmosphere for over-tired first-time parents in need of a quiet neighborhood and great amenities.

  • Fountain Valley
  • Golden West
  • Bolsa Chica

Edwards Hill

Established Families

Huntington Beach is far enough away from LA that you won’t have the same mind-numbing traffic or overcrowded streets. If you have older families, you’ll want to stay in the neighborhoods away from the craziness of downtown. There are a ton of areas with large homes and even larger yards.

  • Edwards Hill
  • Huntington Harbor
  • Sunset Beach