St. Louis, Missouri

Sweet Lou

St. Louis is a good example of a vibrant city. Having stayed in a hotel in 2011 overlooking Cardinals stadium when they won the World Series, their fans definitely show up loud and proud. -Brad Feld

The Best Thing About St. Louis?

Here’s a Freebie

Here in St. Louis, one of the first things that’s often boasted about is how much you can do without reaching into your wallet. While other cities, big and small, make you cough up a solid chunk of cash to enjoy their finer amenities, places like the St. Louis Art Museum, St. Louis Zoo, Missouri History Museum, St. Louis Science Center, and more are all available for free, not to mention the abundance of public parks, such as the famous Forest Park, all available within city limits. St. Louis is also known as a “20 minute city” for how convenient it is to get around, with all of these amenities just a short drive or Metrolink trip away.

Here's a list of pros from a local about what's good in St. Louis:
- low cost of living
- great restaurant scene
- good arts and music scene
- great beer scene
- lots of things to do, and places to go, zoo, science, museums, parks
- Missouri has lots of camping/hiking/boating
- easy access to Kansas city, Chicago, and Nashville!

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The Worst Thing About St. Louis

Pick your Poison

While those who live here have an insane amount of pride for their hometown, St. Louis is unfortunately rated one of the worst run cities and worst cities in the country to live in. Violent crime rates? Always near the highest in the nation. Poverty? Almost a quarter of residents live below the poverty line. Population growth? Nonexistent. People are leaving St. Louis quicker than they’re coming in. Conditions certainly vary by neighborhood like they do in most cities, but there are an unfortunate number of different directions you could go with this one.

Here's the pov from a local:
Weather: In the summer -- hotter, more humid & air more ozone-lazen than that found in all seven layers of Hell. That's why air conditioning in STL is not an option; it's a necessity as much as heat is in Minneapolis

Winters can be a pain because STL is often in the border area between snow to the north & rain to the south. That means ICE, which you can't do a flipping thing with (no sledding, skiing, curling, etc.) Major snowstorms cause life to come to a standstill for days due to lack of people and proper equipment to get out there and remove it quickly; therefore owning a 4-wheel-drive vehicle is advantageous, especially in the city itself, where side streets and alleys don’t get plowed at all.

Politics: Conservative, segregated and very Catholic, especially in the southern suburbs.

Lifestyle Of St. Louis

St Louis has a lot of qualities of other midwestern cities. Early industrial wealth was used to build cultural institutions: symphony, ballet, museums etc. that sometimes surprise people who expect the cities to be lacking in performing arts and civic opportunities. Like some other midwestern cities with decent economies, plenty of people stay and that gives it an insular feel. There are incredible strengths here for families, posh and working class neighborhoods and great work/life balance respected by local employers. Much of the city energy is around city outer ring/suburban family life, mixed with social/cultural life and some younger professionals making it work downtown.

If you want to see what's happening in St. Louis check out the calendar of events:

Workstyle Of Downtown

St. Louis has a lot more corporate headquarters than you’d think. There is a big, well-to-do professional class here that benefits from the fact things are still designed and manufactured here. While the emerging tech and service sector is just getting started you can feel how business and employees are staying or moving here to take advantage of the low cost of living and incredible infrastructure.

Why You Should Move Here Now?

Buy Low

You should move to St. Louis due to those previously mentioned low prices. With a number of solid public schools in addition to the city's great local parks and free museums, St. Louis is seen as a steal for families given the price tag. Come check out the view from the arch and bring the kids to catch a Cardinals game with us in “The Gateway to the West.”