Menifee, California

Growing, Growing, Gone

Menifee Lakes
Menifee Lakes
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Countryside Marketplace
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Menifee Water Park

The Best Thing About Menifee?

A Lot of Potential

To some, Menifee is the land of opportunity. You can find a brand new single-family home here for the same price as a fixer-upper in neighboring Murrieta, Temecula or Riverside. Many families attracted to the schools and lifestyle of these neighboring cities end up choosing to move to Menifee where their budget will go a lot further. Median home prices here are $552,122 compared to $660,640 in Murrieta and $729, 920 in Temecula.

Menifee is growing rapidly. In fact, it was the third fastest growing city in California as of late 2022. New homes, medical facilities, commercial buildings and schools are being built all the time. Many who have decided to move to Menifee are making a bet on the city’s potentially bright future. They got in while the housing market is still reasonable, trusting that as the city builds up around them, property values and entertainment options, high-end restaurants and transportation infrastructure will catch up.

The Worst Thing About Menifee?

Not Much to Do Here, Yet

Despite the city’s rapid growth in recent years, Menifee is still lacking in entertainment options. Especially for its size, you’d expect it to have a bit more to do. Residents often have to travel to neighboring towns to see a movie, visit a larger mall or enjoy a more niche restaurant. This dependence on car travel only compounds the traffic problem. City leaders are working to build a couple new exits off the 215 freeway, but until more businesses come to Menifee, residents will be using the freeway frequently to commute to work or find things to do.

Lifestyle of Menifee

Great for Families

While indoor entertainment like a movie theater and a larger shopping mall are still in the works, Menifee does offer lots to do outdoors, especially for families. The city has such a plethora of parks that you can safely assume there will be at least one in your neighborhood to enjoy. Depending on which one you visit, you may find amenities like playgrounds, tennis courts, skateparks, basketball courts, swimming pools and even dog parks, to entertain your friends and family.

Menifee also offers a network of nature trails, as well as the paved Salt Creek Trail where runners and cyclists can get their workout on this 4.2 mile path (there are plans to eventually extend the trail to a total of 16 miles). If you like fishing, catch and release is allowed within a few lakes in the city. If you don’t want to drive too far to enjoy some camping under the stars, you can set up your tent or RV at Wilderness Lakes RV Park. The spaciousness of the land surrounding the city also means great opportunities for motor sports enthusiasts and those interested in taking some horseback riding lessons at a nearby ranch before the backdrop of the San Jacinto and San Bernardino mountains.

Like we’ve said, lots of families choose Menifee for the brand new homes and schools that are at a price point they can afford. One of the most popular master planned communities is Audie Murphy Ranch, where residents benefit from resort-style amenities and access to nature. The pools in these planned communities can be especially welcome on those summer days when ten degrees warmer than the coast plus no coastal breeze are really getting to you. You might be more likely to enjoy a chill backyard barbecue than a lively night out, but that sits perfectly well with many who choose to call Menifee home.

Schools in Menifee

Brand New

Literally as we type this, more new schools are being built to serve Menifee’s growing population of families. The Menifee Union School District has expanded from serving 301 students in 1981 to serving 11,440 in 2023 through its 1 preschool, 11 elementary schools, 1 K-8 school (plus a K-8 virtual school), 3 middle schools and a robust Independent Study program. has awarded the district an overall “B” rating.

You may be wondering, where are the high schools? Don’t worry, they’re here, just part of other districts. The newly built Liberty High School, part of the Perris Union High School District, opened its doors in 2021. Parents are thrilled by the school’s technologically-rich learning environment. Students can choose between four career-prep pathways. They include Business & Entrepreneurship, Public Service & Leadership, Health Sciences & Medical Technology, and Engineering, Innovation & Design. If you have doubts about Menifee offering an elevated standard of living at a more reasonable cost, just take a walk around the Liberty High School campus…it looks like a community college!

If there’s room in the budget for private school, families have choices here too. California Lutheran High School, Cornerstone Christian School and Calvary Murrieta Christian Schools all have “A-” or higher ratings on

Why You Should Move Here Now

Get In Early

Menifee is going to continue to grow significantly, likely passing nearby Murrieta and Temecula in population size, because it has space to do so. Those able to get in early before prices go up will maximize their return on investment. For many, moving to Menifee is taking a slight leap of faith. You’re betting on what the city can grow to be, but at today’s reasonable price.