Augusta, Georgia

Masters City

Best Thing about Augusta

The Weather

Because of its location, Augusta has the perfect mix of southern and east coast weather. They don’t get the snowy, cold winter weather other east coast cities get and the summers are nice and warm. It’s true, you’ll hear people complain about the humidity, which can be brutal in June and July. People moving from cities further south will tell you it’s nothing compared to their hometown, while others coming from up north will tell you they left to get away from the harsh harsh winters. Because of the coastal location and the great weather, there are plenty of outdoor events to enjoy like kayaking, boating, and fishing, as well as biking on the many trails around the city!

Here's a nice summary from a transplant about their pov on Augusta: When I first moved here over a decade ago I hated it (came here from Atlanta so there was a big adjustment), but now I'm settled in and raising a family here. It has changed a lot and there are some really nice areas.

Low cost of living, but also access to plenty of parks, shopping, and good schools if you navigate it correctly. It only takes me about 12 minutes to get to work even though I am technically commuting into Augusta from the suburbs. If you crave the bigger city action you can drive two hours and get your fix, then come back.

You can still buy a huge house here in a nice area for a fraction of the cost of the big cities and not sacrifice much. As others have noted, the area is really growing, so I'm anticipating the good and also some of the bad that will come with it. Traffic is getting worse but it is still tolerable. At this point in my life I can't see myself wanting to move to a bigger city at all.

Worst Thing about Augusta

It’s still growing

If you talk to anyone who’s lived in Augusta for any length of time, they’ll tell you “it’s a great place to raise kids!” But outside of young or established families, you might find Augusta a bit lacking. The city is trying hard to expand and bring in more restaurants, activities, etc. but they still have a ways to go. Young professionals looking to jumpstart their careers in tech or medical might have a bit of a hard time adjusting, especially if they’re moving from neighboring Atlanta.

Note one local's notes on cons in Augusta: It's a slower pace of life and in my opinion a lot of things are a bit behind the times/not up to the standards I got used to living elsewhere. Also the metro is very spread out and not pedestrian friendly, so I get sick of how much driving I have to do.

Lifestyle of Augusta


Augusta is a family-friendly, small southern town with lots of kind people and charm. It might not have the active nightlife of other, bigger cities, but what it doesn’t have in activities, it makes up for in hospitality! The people in Augusta are kind and community-focused. You’ll see people out enjoying the Riverwalk or biking with friends on the weekends and during the week everyone heads off to work (usually at the University or the base) and spends time running errands or with family.

If you want to see what locals do in Augusta check out the calendar of events:

Workstyle of Augusta

Medical and Tech

Workwise, Augusta is known for two things: medical and tech. It’s a hub for medicine, biotechnology, and cyber security thanks to Augusta University and the US Army Cyber Center of Excellence at Fort Gordon. The largest employers in the area are Augusta University, Savannah River Site, a Nuclear Energy facility, and Fort Gordon. Besides that, The Masters Tournament every spring brings a huge surge of work and funds into the city and is what Augusta is most known for.

Why You Should Move Here Now?

It won’t be a small town forever!

Locals say that although there isn’t a ton to keep people occupied, it’s still a great place to live. Visiting makes you think that it’s just going to take one brewery or one really great event to put Augusta on the map at the next Asheville. Move now to take advantage of great housing prices and a quiet, southern life!