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The Best Thing About Bayamon?

The American Dream for a Non-American Price

A beautiful suburb of San Juan, those looking for a move to the area from the states and other areas of Puerto Rico will find Bayamon a great option. With wonderful weather and an infrastructure that got a major revamp after Hurricane Maria, residents take advantage of relatively low housing costs and thrive.

The Worst Thing About Bayamon?

Crime and Education

While many move out of bigger cities like San Juan to avoid crime and find better public education, Bayamon does not excel in either of those categories. Locals complain that crime is an issue and don’t feel comfortable being out too late alone but by big city standards in the U.S. it’s certainly safe. On the education front, there are a number of good private alternatives in the area that residents often prefer to send their children to instead of local public schools. Puerto Rico public schools are all part of one large school district and that means it thrives and crashes during times like covid or the hurricane as a single entity.

Lifestyle of Bayamon

There are perks to Bayamon being a bit denser than other 'burbs. The affectionately nicknamed “Pork Rind Town” is known for an excellent variety of local restaurants. After work, there are plenty of nightlife hotspots beyond just traditional bars. For art lovers, Bayamon is home to the famous Museo Francisco Oller. The city is named after the river that flows nearby, and so Bayamon loves its water, and that usually takes the form of short drives to the beach for water play. This might go without saying, but life in Bayamon is much easier for transplants that are at least conversational in Spanish.

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Why You Should Move Here Now?

Weather and Vibes Without the FLA or Cali Price

If you want the weather and vibes of Florida and California without the Americana or price tags that come with those moves, Bayamon is an out of the box but increasingly popular choice for Americans. For those already in Puerto Rico, the amenities and proximity to San Juan are also legit justifications for adding Bayamon to your list.

Neighborhoods in Bayamon

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Puerto Rico uses the term Barrio to define what are thought of as neighborhoods in the United States. Bayamon is a suburb of San Juan and as such it is filled primarily with families that enjoy being outside the chaos of the city. Buena Vista is a good example of a popular barrio. It is extremely community-oriented and over 80% of the residents own their homes so there is a strong sense of stability here. The homes are neither new or palatial by classic U.S. city suburban standards but locals live here a lifetime and the vibe is calm and much loved.

  • Buena Vista Barrio
  • Rio Hondo
  • Monte Claro