Fort Worth, Texas

Fort Crunk

Forth Worth Skyline
Forth Worth Skyline
Fort Worth Stock Yards
Fort Worth Stock Yards
Downtown Fort Worth
Downtown Fort Worth
Botanic Garden Boulevard, Fort Worth
Botanic Garden Boulevard, Fort Worth



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It's the most Texas city in Texas.
-- Dan Jenkins

The Best Thing About Fort Worth?

Cowtowns Are Cool!

Unlike its fancier sibling (Big D), Fort Worth stayed true to its roots and preserved much of what makes it a true western town. If you’re into the wild west, both authentic and that available as entertainment, you’re going to dig it here and enjoy the laid back atmosphere, live music, cultural festivals, bars, restaurants and the Fort Worth Stockyards!

Here's a review from a local:
Fort Worth is a beautiful “slower pace” city. The cultural scene is excellent with top notch museums and classical music venues. There are a lack of “outdoorsy” activities in most of the area. However we use the money we save from living here by taking a couple vacations each year.

Fort Worth is also very “un showy” when it comes to money. Many wealthy individuals who like to keep it under wraps (family ranches and oil money). This is in contrast compared to Dallas. I’d say Dallas compares more to LA in that people drive fancy cars, show off their money, etc. Fort Worth is much different. Downtown is one of the cleanest cities I’ve been to.

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The Worst Thing About Fort Worth?


The tricky thing for Fort Worth right now is it has become a great place to live but not so much to work. Which means that lots or even most people who live here commute to Dallas to work and that makes Fort Worth feel a bit like a suburb of Dallas, at least economically. This lack of tax base has resulted in a poor school system and resulted in a city that is appealing to young people or retirees but not families.

Here's a local on commuting to Dallas:
Sucks a lot….I commute almost every day from North Fort Worth to Oak Lawn/Maple area. Normal off rush hour is 45 min. During it's a crap shoot from anywhere from 1 to 2 hours. 121/114 to 35isn't the busiest traffic but Las Colinas backs up for no fucking reason 99% of the time and then there is the 183/35 merge that is just stupid.

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Lifestyle Of Fort Worth

Urban style and cowboy culture aren’t two things that usually mix, but Fort Worth perhaps pulls it off better than anywhere else in the world. Fort Worth is known for being a family friendly area (and an area with friendly people more generally) with a Texas flavor.

A dynamic hub of nightlife just minutes away from classic western museums? A six flags experience for the whole family and a wide variety of highly rated restaurants? Fort Worth has a unique environment that would be hard to replicate anywhere else. You’ll definitely want a car to experience everything the DFW area has to offer, and you’ll probably need it if you want to work in the area…

Check out the calendar of events to see what's happening in Fort Worth.

Worklife Of Fort Worth

There’s a big commuter culture in Fort Worth, and making the drive to Dallas is one of the most popular(or unpopular) options for residents of all ages. For those not inclined to sit on the highway for forty minutes, however, there are still some options in town. Transportation is the big ticket in Fort Worth. American Airlines, Bell Helicopter, and BNSF Railway are three of the largest employers in Fort Worth.

Why You Should Move Here Now?

Won’t You Take Me To Funkytown?

Fort Worth has a lot of nicknames (including Funkytown), but it remains a hidden gem among the Texas cities targeted for moves from the West Coast, Northeast and Midwest. Austin, Houston and Dallas come up first for transplanters, but we think everything true for the hottest Texas cities -- low/no taxes, booming economies, lower cost of living and no snow are true for Fort Worth but in a smaller, more manageable package.

Neighborhoods in Fort Worth

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Young Professionals

Downtown is the first neighborhood to check out for young professionals. It's more chill than downtown Dallas (and less expensive) but has tons of tower and mid-rise condo, loft and apartment options. There's also a booming social scene in the Sundance Square district.

You also get the outdoor experience of 4+ acres of water features in the oasis of the Fort Worth Water Gardens when you need to get a bit of zen time. Finally, you can experience arts, culture and live performances at Artspace111, Bass Performance Hall and the Scat Jazz Lounge.

  • Downtown
  • Arlington Heights

Arlington Heights


If you want to live in a commercial district with social energy but also avoid Downtown then check out Arlington Heights. It borders the Cultural District and West 7th street bar, restaurant and shopping area but you also border I-30 so if you need to commute to Dallas or Downtown Fort Worth it's easy-peasy.

You also get to live near Trinity Park, a beautiful open space for a run, a picnic, hoops or events like the Japanese Festivals and Holiday in the Garden at the Botanic Garden.

  • Arlington Heights



Fairmount's a good neighborhood for a family to start a search for a home. It's located near the Southside District so while you have it quiet at home, you also are close to great restaurants, bars and boutique shopping. You're also right next to the Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital, the John Smith Hospital, and Cook Children's Medical Center so you couldn't have better access to healthcare.

The ares is known for cool eclectic, historic-district housing and architecture and tons of local events and ongoing programs for adults and kids like: Open Streets, ArtsGoggle and the Fairmount Community Garden.

  • Fairmount
  • TCU-Westcliff