Anaheim, California


My mom and dad met at Anaheim High School. After they got married, all they wanted to do was have four children, and they did. -Gwen Stefani

The Best Thing About Anaheim?

The Breeze

There's a nice ocean breeze that blows much of the year to remind you you’re on some pretty valuable California real estate. We also like The Packing District where over 50 artisans offer Bubble tea, grilled cheese, hot pot, cocktails and crepes at this two-story culinary Mecca. Bonus: On any given day, the Packing District is a musical smorgasbord with rockabilly, folk, soul, jazz and western swing bands.

Local note on living in the Packing District:
We live walking distance to the packing house and love it. We like the ability to take a quick 10 min walk over for dinner and drinks at the Packing House and Make. Best of all we don’t have to deal with parking. If we want to venture further it’s not too much farther to get to Center Street. If you like beer, Modern Times will be opening up their newest facility on Anaheim and Water.

Occasionally there’s events like the ART Walk or beer festivals so it’s really nice to once again be able to walk and not have to Uber or drive.

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Worst Thing About Anaheim


Housing and the cost of living is not cheap (40% higher than the national average) and there are still some not so safe neighborhoods but most agree you just need to be smart about where and when you move through the city (just like every big city).

Note from a local on prices in Anaheim:
Con is definitely the cost of living. Rent and home prices are very high

Lifestyle Of Anaheim

Anaheim is a tale of two cities when it comes to lifestyle. On the one hand you have Disneyland. If you want to make the park the centerpiece of your social and “cultural” life then you’re all set.

On the other hand you have downtown Anaheim which while not “major” relative to neighboring cities like Los Angeles or Pasadena, does have a commercial district called Center Street Promenade, which has plenty of shops, restaurants, a big farmers market and several museums. The Colonial District is the other big draw downtown. This area includes; the Mother Colony House which is a beautiful older museum, Pearson Park which houses an outdoor theater for performances, and the Packing House gourmet food hall.

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Workstyle Of Anaheim

It should probably go without saying but lots and lots of people who live in Anaheim work at Disneyland and in the tourism economy in general. Since Anaheim also has two major sports teams, the Ducks and the Angels baseball team, you can work in the service/entertainment and tourism industry and not work at Disney. The Anaheim Canyon business park is one of the largest industrial districts in California so if you’re working in Anaheim in a professional capacity, particularly tech, there’s a good chance you’re commuting here. As with most California cities the commute is a constant consideration for your in work-life balance. Pick the wrong job or neighborhood and your commute can be a living hell. Pick right or WFH and everything comes up roses.

Why You Should Move Here Now?

Break Free

If you want to escape the madness of a big city, but still have lots to do, Anaheim is a good choice for your short-list. Naturally, there’s lots of family fun to be had (theme parks, children’s museums and parks) but there’s also grown-up fun. Check out the Anaheim GardenWalk which offers loads of restaurants, entertainment, shopping, Center Street Promenade for artisan goods, and the Old Towne Historic District for antique shopping.