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Downtown Pinole
Downtown Pinole
Pinole Neighborhood
Pinole Neighborhood
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Fernandez Park
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Bernardo Fernandez Historic Home



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The Best Thing About Pinole?

Entry Point Housing & Small Town Vibe

Pinole is a small community that offers younger families some entry point pricing for purchasing a home. The town is mostly 2 bed/1 bath or 3 bed/2 bath ranch style homes that were built in the 60’s and 70’s with a median home price of $684k. If the homes have been renovated since they were built they’ll be above that $700k mark and if they haven’t then you can find them in the $500k’s and low $600k's. For the Bay Area these prices are amazing and offer younger families or retirees a way to own their home. It’s also nice for younger families because other than property crime in the big box areas, Pinole is a safe community and neighbors look out for each other in ways locals in other bigger cities do not.

The Worst Thing About Pinole?

No BART Stop, No Local Economy

Pinole does not have a BART stop which means if you’re commuting to work you will have to wrestle the bear that is the 80 freeway. That’s a fate you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy. The local economy is mostly service jobs at big box stores and professional jobs serving neighbors. Our recommendation if you’re considering Pinole is to be a work-from-homer all or most of the time, or have a job in a nearby community where you can stick to side streets.

Lifestyle of Pinole

By The Bay

Pinole is a bedroom community with little going on in town. Locals spend the majority of their time raising their children, getting them to school, helping them with sports and extracurriculars and hanging out in the local parks and trails. They also take advantage of the close proximity to the amenities of Oakland, Berkeley and San Francisco, which are all just 20 or 30 minutes away (outside rush hour). There are some amazing trails for hiking running above the coast and of course Pinole sits along the San Pablo Bay so you have access to water lifestyle via Bayfront Park and Pinole Shores Park. Pinole Shores is a 2,432-acre parkland that offers amazing views of Mt. Tam, the Marin shoreline and the bay. While there may not be a great commercial district in Pinole, there is amazing access to an outdoor lifestyle.

It is good to know that Old Town Pinole has several restaurants, pubs and cafes so you can get a drink and a meal without leaving town. There are plans for more development, which would be most welcome.

Schools of Pinole

Pinole struggles on the school front. It’s mostly zoned for West Contra Costa School District which grades out at a C+ on
There are a few diamonds in the rough so keep an eye on the neighborhood for the schools your kiddos will attend. Grades get better as you get up to the high school level with Pinole Valley High School bumping up to a B on

Why You Should Move Here Now?

The Possibilities

Plans to continue development of Old Town Pinole means the city could become a much more entertaining and prized place to live. If you want to get into home ownership at an amazing price with the possibility on the horizon for a city with a charming and popular downtown then check out Pinole.

Neighborhoods in Pinole

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Old Town

Young Professionals/DINKs/Families/Retirees

Old Town is a charming neighborhood, situated along historic San Pablo Avenue. The homes and apartments in the area sit on tree-lined streets and amidst beautifully preserved historic buildings. It's very "mainstreet USA". It’s also the only neighborhood in Pinole with a truly high walkscore for access to the several restaurants, pubs and cafes in the area. While there isn’t a ton to do in Pinole, all that’s happening, and much of the future development, is coming to Old Town. The median listing price for homes in Old Town is $699k and a median sale price of $680k. There are also several apartment buildings in the neighborhood including Ridgecrest Terrace and Villas at Harbor Pointe.

Pinole Valley


Located in the eastern part of Pinole it’s a popular family spot. It’s known as a quiet, truly suburban area and is prized for its proximity to Pinole Valley Park. Your kids will play little league and soccer games here. There’s also a wooded creek and a big dog park and 231 acres of open space to roam, run and recreate. The median home price in Pinole Valley is $781k so it runs a bit more expensive than other neighborhoods but purchase a home that hasn’t been fixed up yet and you can get it down in the $600ks.

Pinole Shores


Pinole Shores is the most popular neighborhood for families who embrace the proximity to the ocean and so they can raise their children by the beach! The neighborhoods waterfront location means access to the water and to Pinole Shores Park. This is a true sanctuary for nature lovers with amazing vistas of the water and the Vallejo Mountains as the backdrop to your walks/hikes and strolls. Families and just outdoor lovers couldn’t ask for a better neighbor than this shoreline park. The median listing price for homes here is $932k which can be scary but the median sale price is a more reasonable $650k.