Jackson, Mississippi


Mississippi is like my mother. I am allowed to complain about her all I want, but God help the person who raises an ill word about her around me, unless she is their mother too.
-Author: Kathryn Stockett

The Best Thing About Jackson?

An Urban Island Down South

When you close your eyes and think about the state of Mississippi, Jackson likely isn’t what comes to mind. The state capital is home to a variety of urban amenities, ranging from art centers like the Mississippi Museum of Art to sports teams like the Mississippi Braves, one of Atlanta’s beloved minor league baseball clubs. Despite this, transplants might be surprised to learn that Jackson’s housing prices tend to be well below the national median, allowing residents to enjoy everything it has to offer for less.

Here's a summary from a local about living here:
There are a lot of good people here and a lot of things to do in the surrounding areas. There's a lot of negativity from some folks about it because they haven't learned how to use the resources around. Jackson is a great place. It's centrally located in the great springboard for other areas such as Memphis, New Orleans and Birmingham etc. Jackson and the surrounding area is filled with history, churches, activities, and fun to do for those who have the intelligence to go look for adventures.

The Worst Thing About Jackson?

Still has many Southern Flaws

When you close your eyes and think about the state of Mississippi, you’ll likely picture abysmal summer heat amplified by brutal humidity. That aspect of the south is one Jackson can't avoid. Extreme weather can also be unrelated to heat, as tornadoes and brutal storms also call Jackson their occasional home. Jackson residents also complain about crime and crumbling infrastructure, but amidst the revitalization projects hope springs eternal.

Check out counsel from a local on living in Jackson:
If you have children, then I would recommend one of the suburbs because the school system is exponentially better. If it is just you and you want to be in walking distance to restaurants, bars and the like, then definitely Fondren/Belhaven. They have a new (only a couple years old) apartment/restaurant/bar area called The District of Eastover that is nice. If you want an apartment out of Jackson, any of the ones in Ridgeland off of Rice Rd or any of the ones in Flowood off of Lakeland Dr would be where I would start.

Lifestyle of Jackson

Despite being a primarily urban area, Jackson residents are recognized for maintaining much of the city's classic Southern charm. Locals are proud to call Jackson home, and are known for having created a proud tight-knit community. A great restaurant scene with all of the Southern staples and more is something that Jackson is often lauded for. One of the souls of American music, Jackson’s rich history of phenomenal R&B, blues, and jazz musicians still exists. Families that raise their children here get a mix of urban energy and small-town historic charm in many of the city neighborhoods.

If you're interested in seeing what people get up to in Jackson check out the calendar of events: https://www.visitjackson.com/events/

Workstyle of Jackson

Healthcare job opportunities are plentiful in Jackson, with the Mississippi State Hospital, Mississippi Baptist Medical Center, and the University of Mississippi Medical Center all hiring. As the state capital, working for the government is also common, with the state of Mississippi and the U.S. government being two of the largest employers in Jackson. Overall, the average annual salary in Jackson is well below the national average, although that is balanced by the lower cost of living.

Why You Should Move Here Now?

Southern Hospitality

If you’re a lover of Southern Hospitality and small town charm but crave all of that in a bigger city package then Jackson is a solid option to consider. It’s an urban experience in a part of the country where those are few and far between.