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The Best Thing About Lawrence?


Lawrence is an artsy, well-educated, moderately left-leaning city/town with a pretty strong (for Kansas) international flavor almost all due to the University of Kansas. If any of those things aren’t your bag then steer clear of Lawrence. It truly is an arts-centric city with a thriving community of writers, a good cultural events scene, and more bands than you can shake a drumstick at. The student population, energy of an internationally renowned education institution and pretty vibrant downtown (check out Mass St.) make this a diamond in the rough of Kansas.

Here's a local on what Lawrence is like:
I grew up in Old West Lawrence, where my family first bought two houses in the late 1800s. Lawrence is a beautiful, friendly, peaceful, yet stimulating town. The university makes this small town feel diverse. When we were growing up, our house was like a mini-U.N. because of the variety of people my mother befriended during her fourteen years at the university, and my father’s business friends.

The Worst Thing About Lawrence?


While the University hires a lot of folk, the overall job scene is not strong relative to other college cities that incubate and grow businesses that hire graduates and transplants. Better paying jobs tend to require commutes to Kansas City (about 40 miles) and while remote work is definitely growing as a driver of the population you’d hate to move here for that remote job and then get trapped without a local business scene.

Here's a locals pov on work in Lawrence:
I live in Lawrence and commute to Topeka. It's 25 minutes for me on highway 40 and then on 70. It's a super easy commute.

Basically, Lawrence is a bedroom community. You work in healthcare so you might be able to find a job in town, but to be honest, most folks there either are attending school, work at the school, or work commute.

Lifestyle of Lawrence

Lawrence is an interesting mix of extreme quiet, particularly during the summer months when students are gone, and the rest of the year when the basketball games and Mass St. bars and restaurants are JUMPING! If you want it quiet and family-focused, you’ll get it here. If you want it busy Lawrence has some energy due to all the commercial development on Mass St. and the University buzz that is supported with plenty of pubs and play.

Check out the Lawrence calendar of events if you want to see what locals get up to:

Why You Should Move Here Now?

College Spirit

If you’re craving a less expensive, but kind of active college town in the middle of the midwest with a blue-ish political vibe Lawrence fits the bill. It could do more to pump up the local business community but the school protects the housing prices and social scene so fear not if that's what you crave.

Neighborhoods in Lawrence

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Young Professionals

As with most cities Downtown is the starting point for young professionals looking for a place to live. First of all it is one of the most beautiful historic districts in the country with most of the original buildings preserved and converted into cool loft and condo living. That means you can walk to the thriving local social scene on Mass St. and even walk to work if you should be so lucky to have your office downtown.

  • Downtown

East Lawrence


Lawrence is one of many cities in the U.S. that is divided into geographical sections. East Lawrence is a good choice if you’re young-ish and looking to have one foot in a social scene and one foot in a slightly more mature setting. The are is the center of the Arts Scene with plenty of yard art, murals and the Warehouse Arts District, which is filled with boutique restaurants, art galleries and some of the startup scene. The housing options here are also cool with Victorians, bungalows, cottages and an emerging new green building scene.

  • East Lawrence

West Lawrence


West Lawrence is the elegant historic district of Lawrence. Filled with elegantl period homes, brick streets and tall beautiful tree-lined blocks it is the place to be for families looking to be relatively close to Downtown but also feel like you’re big homes, parks and room to roam for the kiddos.

  • West Lawrence