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You know you're from California when you know there's more than one Ontario

The Best Thing About Ontario?

Gigabit for WFH’ers!

Ontario has a lot of new developments, particularly in the North Eastern area of the city, and many of these new developments feature gigabit municipal broadband. If you’re a WFH’er (work from home), then new homes/condos/apts with stunningly fast, available gigabit speed connections are going to make things nice. There’s probably bigger things to know about the suburban culture of inland empire cities like Ontario but let’s just start here since so many people are now looking for less expensive options in Cali than LA/SF/SD and want great amenities for working from home.

Here's a note from a local about Ontario:
If you are considering Ontario either move to the North Eastern most portion or the newer home developments in the South. There are several http://ontarioranch.com/ The new developments are going to feature gigabit municipal broadband if that interests you. Unfortunately, being new development your looking at 200-500K and when they say from the 200's they mean 299K. Rancho, Upland, and Claremont will all be upwards of 350K and into the millions with commiserate rents.

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The Worst Thing About Ontario?

Suburbs Surrounding Uninspiring Downtown

If you’re coming from a happening city, or a suburb with a great downtown, then you’re going to be disappointed with Ontario. Many of the Inland Empire cities are similarly structured SoCal suburbia with mountains to the east and freeways to hell to the west. Recommendation: stick to the east sides of Ontario or most of the Inland Empire cities if enjoying the mountains/parks to the east is important to you.

Here's a note from a local about Ontario vs. other neighboring suburbs:
It’ll be similar commute for Ontario/Rancho to LA then. About a 60-90 min drive with low traffic. It’s just a general suburb, chain stores, malls, restaurants. Rancho Cucamonga on Foothill Blvd. exit (west of the 15 freeway) by Victoria Gardens mall is pretty central so you can be by the 60,10,210, and 15 freeways

Lifestyle of Ontario

Ontario is primarily a suburban city with families looking for affordable housing options in the most expensive state in the country. Expect to find lots of suburban blocks, parks and family-focused lifestyle if you stick to the confines of the city. On the other hand, Ontario is just a few miles through Rancho Cucamonga to the Cucamonga Wilderness, Mt Baldy Mountain and Resort and countless other amazing outdoor recreation opportunities. Many locals grind through their work weeks in Ontario and enjoy the great outdoors on weekends. For socializing Rancho Cucamonga has a much more active social scene so expect to head the couple miles into that bordering city for nights out.

Why Move Here Now?

Access The Mountains

Inland Empire cities have always drawn Californians looking to escape coastal city prices and havoc. Much of the country would find cities like Ontario expensive so we’ll assume you’re looking to move from LA/SF or SD and definitely do it if you want cheaper housing, are ok with your immediate city not having a particularly inviting downtown but you also want easy access to the mountains of the east.

Neighborhoods in Ontario, CA

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Ontario Ranch


If you’re looking for a master-planned community with all the amenities that entails then start your search at Ontario Ranch. It’s the largest master-planned community in Southern California and is the first gigabit community in the area. The different subdivisions are filled with resort-style recreation, parks, trails, new schools and tons of community activities for the kiddos and parents to enjoy. Another great neighborhood option is La Deney Drive Historic District. It sits near the northern City Limits and has beautiful mature trees alongside all the streets and yards of this small but beautiful neighborhood.

  • Ontario Ranch
  • La Deney Drive Historic District