Yonkers, New York

The Forgotten Borough



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Yonkers made me strong and made me believe in myself, because so many people would doubt you and not believe. -Author: Mary J. Blige

Best Part About Yonkers

It’s an NYC oasis

It’s hard to believe that you can find anywhere close to NYC that doesn’t feel like the crowded streets of Manhattan, but, then again, a lot of people forget about the city’s sixth, unofficial borough. Driving or walking through Yonkers is like stepping back in a mini-time machine. It may feel 20 or so odd years behind Manhattan’s trend curve, but there’s a lot to love about the city! Most notedly, Yonkers is great for weekend warriors and those who love cities with a splash of nature thrown in. You can run in Tibbets Park, take in nature in Untermeyer, enjoy a peaceful moment in Lenoir Preserve, or just go downtown and take in the view from the Hudson. All this comes with just a 30-40 minute train ride into the city, if you choose to commute.

Here's a long-time local on living in Yonkers:
*It is a diverse city ethnically and racially and with wide variance in incomes and with that diversity comes some problems that the richer, more stereotypically Westchester towns don't have because they exclude anyone who cannot afford to live in their community. There is racial and ethnic segregation based primarily on income with the southwest area of the city being more minority and lower income. Access to the regions core, NYC etc. is excellent from Yonkers with a two commuter rail lines serving the city with a 30 minute ride to Grand Central Terminal. The ability to access the Hudson Valley is great as well.

Much of the city is walkable to services and shopping, or at least a very short hop in your car. In a pinch, say in lousy weather, there are many excellent neighborhoods that would allow you to leave the car at home and walk to get that quart of milk or to take the bus to the station instead of worrying about the car in the snow. On the downside, speaking of snow, Good place to live? Yes. -it has been a plus for my family and I for 30 years.

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Worst Part About Yonkers

The hills

Listen, we know it’s not in the mountains or anything, but the 7 hills on which Yonkers is built are no joke. And in the winter? You’re in for a snowy surprise. Yonkers is known by residents for not having the most attentive snow removal services. Yes, there are bad drivers in any weather, but the hills combined with the snow and ice make Yonkers a winter driving nightmare. To make the winter a little less miserable, grab some snow tires and leave a little extra room when driving around town.

Here's a local on one of the cons to living in Yonkers:
Biggest downside for you bc you have kids is probably the school system. If you have the money, then you can send to private. I think Yonkers has very low property taxes compared to the rest of Westchester. Metronorth into Manhattan is very easy. Yonkers is huge, so just make sure you're near one of the train stations if you plan on using it.

Lifestyle of Yonkers

Yonkers is a commuter city. There is the 20 bus that can get you almost everywhere you want to go. While locals commute by bus and train for work, it would be difficult to live in the city without a car. Most of the people who live here commute into Manhattan for work and they love being able to leave the craziness of the city behind and find respite in cozy Yonkers. The variety of neighborhoods and homes reflects the diversity of the city. You can find large mansions in Northeast Yonkers and then find an apartment close to everything you need in Dunwoodie.

To see what locals get up to for fun in Yonkers check out the calendar of events: https://www.burbio.com/lists/yonkers-community-calendar

Worklife of Yonkers

Yonkers is in an interesting space, work wise, because of its reputation as a commuter city. Many of the residents choose to live in Yonkers instead of Manhattan for the peace and quiet, but it means that there aren’t many large corporations or headquarters in the city. If you ask locals, that’s the best part about it! The largest employer is Yonkers Raceway, a city landmark originally famous for horse racing, that eventually became the Yonkers Raceway and Empire City Casino.

Why You Should Move Here Now?

The Value Borough

As Manhattan continues to price out young professionals and young families, more and more people are turning to Yonkers to get more value for their money. If you find yourself getting frustrated by the clogged NYC streets, Yonkers might just be the place for you.

Neighborhoods in Yonkers

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College Students

Although Yonkers doesn’t have the feel of a traditional college town, it’s still home to Sarah Lawrence College and many students choose to live in the city as opposed to commuting in from NYC. This area feels like the Bronx, so it’s great for people who want walkability, convenience, and easy access to restaurants and bars.

  • Dunwoodie

Ludlow Park

Young Professionals

Young Professionals are going to want to move to a neighborhood that has easy access to the trains into the city. There are enough high rises close to train stops that you’ll be close to your commute as well as as your new favorite restaurants and breweries.

  • Ludlow Park
  • Getty Square
  • Woodlawn Heights


Young Families

For young families, Yonkers will feel like a suburb without having to give up your dream job in downtown Manhattan. There are plenty of neighborhoods that have a range of home sizes, from smaller starter homes with plenty of yard space (compared to other boroughs).

  • Crestwood
  • Nepera Park
  • Glenwood

Lawrence Park West

Established Families

Families with older kids are going to appreciate the larger homes that come at a ridiculously low price tag compared to other boroughs. Keeping close to the city means you don’t sacrifice the amenities of nice parks, shopping centers, and more.

  • Lawrence Park West
  • Crestwood
  • Beech Hill