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Pawtuxet River
Pawtuxet River
Holiday Season Warwick
Holiday Season Warwick
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Warwick Beach
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Gaspee Days Arts & Crafts Festival



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The Best Thing About Warwick

Safety First

Warwick is considered one of the safest places to live not just in Rhode Island, but in the entire country. Crime rates are well below the national average, and many residents report feeling safe walking alone at night. Furthermore, you get easy access to the rest of New England and the New York due to the city’s centralized location. That means you experience all the best parts of northeastern life while residing in a safe enclave. Families in particular love to call Warwick home due to its safety and cleanliness, and young urban professionals like it for the work opportunities.

The Worst Thing About Warwick

Density & Noise

Warwick is the third largest city in the second smallest state in the union, and its population density is high relative to its size. This, combined with its centralized location in the state, can lead to highly congested roads and a claustrophobic feeling for locals. Warwick is home to the state’s largest airport, and as such, many residents report lots of overhead noise.

Lifestyle of Warwick

Warwick is home to a wide variety of activities for a wide range of ages. The bar and brewery scene is some of the best in the state, and numerous high quality restaurants call the city home. From Iggy’s Boardwalk for family friendly atmosphere and eats, to The Shanty’s experimental cuisine, to Top of the Bay’s immaculate rooftop seafood experience, foodies will find lots to love in Warwick. The city also boasts beaches and historical sites galore, in part due to Warwick being home to the first true battle of the American Revolution, the Gaspee Affair. A variety of work opportunities also await you in Warwick, with industries ranging from retail to hospitality to healthcare to banking to local government. And with Providence only twelve miles away, it is an easy and manageable daily commute to the state capital.

Schools of Warwick

Working on it

Warwick’s public school system gets mixed grades on niche.com. Pilgrim High School rates a B on niche.com but is also known for a variety of extracurriculars and having a highly successful athletics program. Cedar Hill School comes in higher marks for academics and quality of teachers. Rocky Hill Country Day School provides an excellent K-12 private school, while Bishop Hendricken High School serves as the local Catholic college preparatory school. The Community College of Rhode Island Knight School also calls Warwick home and is highly rated by locals.

Why Should I Move Here Now?


If you are looking for a safe, secluded slice of New England to raise a family or to simply commute from in comfort, put Warwick on your shortlist.

Neighborhoods in Warwick

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Oakland Beach


Located in south-central Warwick on Greenwich Bay, the aptly named Oakland Beach places you directly on the water. It's a great place for walking along the coastline, oceanic kayaking, swimming, or fishing. Iggy’s Boardwalk and Top of the Bay, two of the city’s best restaurants, are situated here. It is a competitive housing market, with a median list price of $367,500. Younger residents attend Oakland Beach Elementary School.



Located in eastern Warwick, Conimicut provides another beachside community. Ease of access to the water is a high selling point for the area. The village traces its roots back to the founding of Warwick in 1643, making it an ideal home for history buffs with an emphasis on colonial history. Housing prices are comparable to Oakland Beach, if slightly less expensive. Warwick Neck Elementary School educates younger residents before they move on to one of the city’s secondary schools.

Gaspee Point


Located on a small peninsula on the Providence River, Gaspee Point is the location of the Gaspee Affair, the first act of aggression during the American Revolution. With a public beach, a park, a playground, and excellent saltwater fishing, Gaspee Beach provides a secluded and picturesque seaside community. Average housing cost is between $200,000 and $400,000. It does not have its own elementary school, meaning residents have a short commute to school.

Pawtuxet Village


Pawtuxet Village lies between Warwick and nearby Cranston, where the Pawtuxet River flows into the Providence River and Narragansett Bay. It's where state founder Roger Williams first made his home, and is also home to the Gaspee Day celebration, making it yet another gem for history enthusiasts. It is also a foodie’s paradise, with a tea room, a Parisian cafe, an Irish pub, a Thai restaurant, and a creperie, amongst many others. Median real estate cost is $383,154, while rental price average cost is $2,228. Elementary schools in Pawtuxet Village include Edgewood Highland, Edwards S. Rhodes, and ET Wyman, and Pilgrim High School also calls the area home.



Norwood boasts some of the strongest communities in all of Warwick. Between the Boys and Girls Club, one of the city’s oldest public library branches, the Norwood Neighborhood Association, Norwood Field’s baseball diamond and basketball court, and the highest concentration of churches in the city, Norwood will welcome new neighbors with open arms. Median sale price for homes in Norwood is $360,400. Students attend Norwood Elementary before moving onto one of the city’s secondary school options.