Dallas, Texas

Triple D

Haters are just confused admirers.

The Best Thing About Dallas?

It’s A New-ish City

We think of Dallas as new-ish because it constantly reinvents. Remaking itself from cattle ranch to financial center, or fancy to hipster, or whatever else the times demand. As a result of this ability to remake itself, Dallas has a constant influx of new, diverse people constantly arriving and calling it home. Fresh starts come naturally here so if you’re looking to do the same thing then this is a good spot.

Don't trust us, read what a local has to say:

Pros: Cheaper than Most cities, super diverse. Dallas is the 4th most diverse city in the US. There's Chinatown, Koreatown, Little India, Little Ethiopia, Little Seoul, Little Saigon, Asia Times Square…I could go on.

There's plenty of Job opportunities here, in fact DFW has the most job openings in the US. There's also plenty to do here.. six flags, Grandscape, Legoland, Hurricane Harbor, Dallas world Aquarium, Museum of Illusions, Japanese gardens ,Butterfly gardens, Dallas zoo..I could go on.

The homes here are great, and it's warm year around. It's a liberal city and there's over 8million people in DFW which is nearly the size of Chicago

The Worst Thing About Dallas?

It’s An Odd City

People say that the source of Dallas’s oddness is because it is one of only two major cities (Las Vegas the other) not built on a body of water. It’s hard to describe but Dallas can feel transient or shallow for those who’ve lived in cities with longer life spans and more persistent physical roots like Chicago or Boston. That history of reinvention means everything looks new: the buildings, the neighborhoods, the shopping centers, and while that can be nice it also means they paved over much of the past, and that gives it a city-wide suburban type feeling.

Here's a local complaining about the structural blandness:

Dallas is very boring. Its architecture is boring and uninspired. What little character it has is dilapidated. It says it has different cultures but it lacks diversity in comparison to other cities its size. It feels like a bunch of malls and stadiums connected together.

How You Living?

With Space

Dallas is ridiculously large. At 343 square miles it is 10x as big as New York City and 100+ square miles bigger than Chicago. Hell, the damn airport is bigger than Manhattan. That means there is tons of suburban style housing in the city limits, super spacious condo complexes, and even though there is no sales or local income tax, real estate taxes are high, which means the public school system is excellent. For families looking for room and great schools, or younger peeps looking for a downtown lifestyle but without the NYC density, it is hard to beat.

Lifestyle of Dallas

It’s no secret that Texas is becoming the place to move. With the great resignation and remote work opportunities at an all-time high, young professionals and families are looking for somewhere that is more lax than their old cities or towns. Dallas, like many big cities in Texas, has been growing for years, long before the COVID-19 era, so you’re looking at a great city with a ton to do. There are bars and music venues, and with the moderate weather, people are out year round. It’s also cheaper than most places and renting is easy, so you’re going to get a lot more transplants than other cities. Overall, Dallas is living up to all the hype!

If you're curious what happens in Dallas throughout the year check out the calender of events: https://www.visitdallas.com/events/

Workstyle of Dallas

Dallas is considered one of the best cities in the US to find a job. Even during the pandemic, the city lost a significantly less amount of jobs compared to other cities. There are also a few massive corporations that call Dallas home including Southwest Airlines, AT&T, and ExxonMobil. And even though the oil industry has taken a hit in recent years, if you’re relocating without a job you will find something almost instantly. Healthcare is the other big industry here so expect to hear from a lot of people who are employed by Baylor Healthcare Systems.

Why You Should Move Here Now?


No large city or metropolitan area has had higher job growth than Dallas. While the oil industry has suffered there are 18 Fortune 500 Companies in Dallas and tremendous employment opportunities in tech, healthcare, financial services, hospitality, food industry and travel. Because of the space to stretch it’s also a great place to have a home with plenty of room to work remotely.