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Growing up in Jersey City was interesting. I got to learn a lot about different cultures: I had Hindu friends, Middle Eastern friends, black friends, Spanish friends.
-Michelle Rodriguez

Best Part About Living in Jersey City

Big City Amenities Without the Pricetag

Jersey City may be on the other side of the Hudson from NYC, but it has its own merit as a great city. Full of amazing bars and restaurants, outdoor space and parks, relatively affordable housing, and a great community of residents, Jersey City is home to people who know NYC isn’t the “be all end all.” On top of all of the great amenities, there is a whole host of reliable public transportation in case you still need to commute to the city for work. On top of all of that, it has the same gorgeous waterfront views you can find in Manhattan without the absolutely unreasonable price tag. Don’t let NYC locals bully you, Jersey City is the place to be!

Here's a local's pov on living in Jersey City (vs. Manhattan):
If you don't mind the 'stigma' some place on having a Jersey zip code, it's a good life. The energy of Manhattan is mostly impossible to replace though, but do you want an apartment with space or that energy being literally outside your doorstep isntead? That's the tradeoff. I ride my bike a lot in the city from spring through fall - you just can't beat the energy of the city to me, it's contagious. But it's nice to be a 10 minute bike ride from the PATH train to get back to my nice 2BR apartment with in-unit laundry for 2K a month in JC.

Worst Part About Living in Jersey City

It can be isolating

Although Jersey City has all you might need for an amazing city life, there are complaints that being a PATH ride or a ferry away from Manhattan life can be isolating. If you commute into NYC for work, your co-workers may be less inclined to head to your neck of the woods for happy hour. And don’t get us started on dating. You’ll want to set your radius to Jersey City proper or you will get a hard swipe left.

Here are some points from a JC resident about how it compares to Manhattan:
*I've never met and dated anyone in JC

The restaurants here are nowhere near as good as NYC

JC is becoming less of a commuter city, but it's a long slow transition

I do love washer/dryer in my apartment and the extra bedrooms for stuff like office, exercise, guests, etc. I don't think you'll miss NYC much if you go in on a regular basis. And when you're out late, you can always Uber home. Skip the taxis since you have to negotiate the fare.*

Lifestyle of Jersey City

Named as one of the most diverse cities in the United States, Jersey City is known for its close-knit communities, amazing nightlife, and prime real estate location. If you move here, you’ll be a part of a community that puts in work during the day and spends time with family and friends at night. There are great restaurants and bars, museums and art exhibits, and beautiful parks for everyone to enjoy. Because of its location, it’s known as a commuter city. Less than half of the population of the city owns a car, and many rely on PATH or another public transportation to get around.

If you're interested in checking out what the locals do for fun and culture in JC here's the calendar of events:

Worklife of Jersey City

Jersey City has what is known as “Wall Street West” and half of the private sector jobs in the city are in securities, banking, and insurance. Home to two money management firm headquarters, Verisk Analytics and Lord Abbett, as well as the Forbes headquarters. Jersey City also sees a swell in daytime population because there are a ton of people who come in to work in the financial and service industries, as well as shipping, logistics, and retail.

Why Move Now?

The Surge

Jersey City is seeing a surge in new residents as the popularity of remote work continues to pick up. People are realizing that if they don’t have to be in Manhattan every day, why not find a place a little more reasonably priced, with the same amenities and beautiful waterfront views. If you’ve wanted to move to NYC, but are intimidated by the price tag or the population, give Jersey City a try!

Neighborhoods in Jersey City

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Jersey City is divided into six wards, each with its own distinct feel. You can find a mix of high-rises, condos, historic brownstones row houses, as well as converted lofts, all within city limits. You’ll want to be aware of your commute, if you have one, as locals say that living too far of a walk from the PATH is a real turnoff for certain residents.

Journal Square

College Students

People looking for a traditional college-town atmosphere might be a bit disappointed in Jersey City. Like its neighbor NYC, it’s a traditional high-rise city void of any real college pride small town feel. That being said, if you’re a college-aged person looking to move, you can find a great spot close to public transportation, restaurants, and nightlife:

  • Journal Square


Young Professionals

Young Professionals can find a lot to fall in love with in Jersey City. You can have affordable housing, for the NYC area, easy access to public transportation, amazing nightlife, and parks for you and your furry friend. Check out these amazing neighborhoods:

  • Lafayette
  • Journal Square

Van Horst Park

Young Families

Despite having a city feel, there are plenty of neighborhoods that allow you to have space to stretch your legs, even have a garage! Check out these neighborhoods if you’re a younger family looking for your first home and space to move around:

  • Van Vorst Park/Hamilton Park
  • Greenville
  • Lincoln Park
  • Waterfront

Bergen Hill

Established Families

Established families have a lot to look forward to when moving to Jersey City. There are great schools, parks, and amenities for the whole family. If you’re looking for a great home to settle down in, check out these neighborhoods:

  • Bergen Hill
  • Paulus Hook
  • The Heights



Look no further than Jersey City for your perfect recently-retired paradise. An endless list of amazing restaurants, easy access to NYC, and entertainment for days mean you’ll never be bored. Check out these amazing neighborhoods if you’re looking to explore empty nester life!

  • Downtown Jersey City
  • The Heights