Aurora, Colorado

Gateway To The Rockies



Sunny Days: 243
56100 Affordability
80100 Schools
64100 Diversity
64100 Safety

The Best Thing About Aurora?

The Most Active City In The Country

If you crave an active outdoor lifestyle then you’re going to LOVE Aurora. Frequently ranked among (#1 at times) the most active cities in the country with: 100 parks, 5,000 acres of protected open space, innumerable places to kayak, sail, run, hike and some of the best skiing in the world, less than an hour away.

Here's a local celebrating some of the characteristics of Aurora: look into the central park section of Aurora. It's very walkable, diverse, LGBT+ friendly with outdoor opportunities. However it's not really cheap and the crime isn't great. But it's a great quality of life. Lots of people live here because it's very very close to Anshutz.

The Worst Thing About Aurora?

Growth Conflict

Aurora is historically a predominantly white city with a relatively conservative middle class culture. The recent growth in population, and diversity in that growth in particular, has created tension in the city that comes from traditionalists who decry the changes. A growth mentality in Colorado is overwhelming this conservative energy but for newcomers it is helpful to know it still exists.

Here's a tranplanter with a pov that the complaints are overblown: The thing is that Five Points is quickly becoming gentrified at a quicker rate than most of the denver metro area. Rents are shooting up like crazy. A friend of my dad who lived there in the 80s-90s saw dead bodies on the street corner everyday. Now all you see is new trendy restaurants, breweries, and bars. Denver does have its fair share of violent crimes, but that’s normal in every major city. I do not like how people hate on Aurora and compare it to cities like Chicago and Memphis…most of those people haven’t left their little white lily suburb. I’ve spent a lot of time in the so-called bad neighborhoods of both cities and have never felt unsafe.

Lifestyle of Aurora

It should go without saying that people here live for living outdoors – it dominates the lifestyle. There is a plan for continued development of “downtown” Aurora but it will be some years before a truly “urban” suburban experience exists. In the meantime expect Denver to provide your social and cultural experiences. One nice perq, the recent train line that scoots you from Aurora to downtown Denver in less than 20 minutes.

To get a sense of what happens throughout the year in Aurora check out the calendar of events:

Worklife of Aurora

Aurora has a large military presence that historically dominated the workforce that actually was employed within the city. The majority of the population commutes (or did pre-covid) to Denver. Traffic is rough although the trainline will help with that if you find yourself along the R Train Line. The city has experienced massive growth as Denverites and out-of-towners move to Aurora seeking cheaper housing and more room to grow.

Why You Should Move Here Now?


When you think about Colorado the first thing that comes to mind is not diversity. Recent growth has changed that though and Aurora is a great example of this shift with a minority-majority population of Latino, African-American, Asian and foreign born residents. Mix that diversity with a compelling cultural scene and stunning outdoor lifestyle and you’ve got a city worth considering.

Neighborhoods in Aurora

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Pheasant Run

Young Professionals & DINKs/SINKs

We normally break out Young Profs and DINKs/SINKs but Aurora is such a suburban family vibe place we’re going to pick a couple neighborhoods that trend younger if you’re not yet or ever plan to be in family mode. The average Pheasant Run neighborhood resident is 31. This is largely due to the wide selection of shopping and places to eat. It also has a hospital, large vet clinic and grade schools that employ young people who crave living close to work.

  • Pheasant Run
  • Side Creek
  • Seven Hills

Seven Hills / Sterling Hills


Seven Hills pulls in young and established families who love the housing options, amazing parks/recreation centers, and great schools. You’re also a long walk/short bike ride from the Plains Conservation Center, an outdoor education center with 1,100 acres of prairies, hiking trails and conservation events.

Sterling Hills is an alternative neighborhood to look at if you're interested in a step up into the high life for families. The neighborhood has big beautiful homes, that sit along winding roads, with great schools but also offer easy access to tons of shopping. Another big plus - it sits just 20 minutes from downtown Denver for the commuters in the family.

  • Seven Hills
  • Sterling Hills
  • Saddle Rock Golf Club