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You can all go to hell, and I will go to Texas
~Davy Crockett

The Best Thing About Garland?

Diverse Opportunities

We don’t mean to speak for how anyone already living in Garland may feel about the the city but the statistics indicate that things are happening in Garland that speak to opportunities they may not find elsewhere.

  1. Millennials &/or first-time home buyers do very well in Garland. In fact it is rated #1 in Texas and #8 in the entire country for first-time home buyers. This is in part about home prices being reasonable and in part about relatively high wages in the city.

  2. Garland is incredibly diverse in population and opportunity. Garland is a majority minority city that is rated one of the most diverse suburbs in the U.S. It dboasts a high percentage of home ownership and income levels across all race/ethnicities.

A good part of this opportunity comes from a large manufacturing base that creates a larger middle-class in Garland than other cities whose economies are more service-based.
Texas is a booming state and Garland feels like some of the best of what Texas has to offer. For those considering leaving a state like California that thinks Texas is going to be one-dimensional, Garland would like to have a word with you.

Here's a local's summary of Garland:
I think so. My family has lived here for 28 years. City services are second to none in the area. I live in a great neighborhood. The city has a large manufacturing base, both large and small companies which you would recognize, that number about 400. In total, there are over 9,000 businesses in our city of 240,000 souls within our 57 square miles. Unemployment here is usually below the US and Texas state numbers. Currently, unemployment is about 3%. Anyone who wants a job can find one.

Worst Part About Garland?

It’s a City

So lots of people move to suburban cities for a pure experience of big homes, big yards and peace and quiet. And Garland has plenty of neighborhoods with that kind of vibe. But Garland is also a legit city all on its own with; manufacturing, industrial areas, and a mix of safe and not so safe neighborhoods. If you’re looking for pure quiet throughout your suburban city you won’t like the more city-like mix of Garland.

Note from a local about the city:
Garland is a city you really have to know in order to live there. Places like Monica park can be sketchy and anywhere to the south in some spots. It's not uncommon to see DPS helicopters circling there. crime has increased there over the last year and a half and the population continues to decrease. Wonderful food and Plenty of diversity…Garland has everything from Vietnamese, Chinese, Thai, Mexican, Guatemalan, Salvadorian, Honduran, Ghanan, Nigerian and Ethiopian businesses and Food. But like others said, There are some neighborhoods that are no go spots.

You also don't have to limit yourself to Garland, just because your job is there. Surrounding areas are nice too, such as Plano, North Dallas, Rowlett, Sachse, etc. None of those would be a terrible commute. I grew up in Rowlett and Garland, but I moved closer to downtown dallas because there are far more options as far as nightlife and events here than in the suburbs.

Lifestyle of Garland

Garland lifestyle is an interesting mix. There are quiet neighborhoods with parks for kiddos and doggos, trails for biking and walking, a growing downtown commercial district with bars and restaurants for going out for young professionals and family date-nighters, and big plans for expansion of the central downtown and arts district area.

Perhaps most importantly for those looking for an active lifestyle, Garland borders Dallas. For many Garland residents, particularly those on the Southwest sides, Dallas lifestyle opportunities are just as close as those in Garland. As with many dense suburban cities that have a robust commercial district, it is often the case that people do “low-key” nights or days out in downtown Garland, but then head into Dallas for bigger nights out or more cultural adventures.

It isn’t necessary though as the Granville Arts Center in Garland is a beautiful facility with three theaters for live performances including; appearances by the Dallas Ballet, the local Symphony, concerts, movies, theater productions and more. While Dallas is still the major draw for culture, Garland holds its own.,42,32

Workstyle of Garland

Garland has an extremely diverse economy with, as has been noted, a large manufacturing base. The company base includes the categories of: electronics, steel fabrication, oil feed equipment manufacturing, hat production (yes, hats), dairy and food processing, and plenty of education and health employers. While there are certainly plenty of people in Garland that commute to Dallas, unlike other suburbs, it has a big middle class due to high-wage manufacturing and production jobs available in the city limits.

If you end up commuting to Dallas it can be a bit painful, especially if you’re used to smaller town traffic, but most people are just 20-30 minutes away from work so overall pretty convenient.

Why You Should Move Here Now?

Affordable Economic Opportunity

Garland has two big things going for it right now:
1) if you’re out of work and looking, the local economy is strong - particularly for those looking for manufacturing/industrial-base employment.
2) If you’re looking to buy a home in the Dallas area but find the rest of the metroplex beyond reach Garland is less expensive than most. It borders Dallas but particularly for young professionals or younger families this is a great path to ownership in the DFW area.

Neighborhoods in Garland

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Garland is huge and that can be daunting in considering neighborhoods. One great feature that reduces some of that stress though is that the school district is structured so you can choose any school regardless of the neighborhood you’re in. Generally the newer neighborhoods are in the north, older neighborhoods in the central and south sides of the city. Newer neighborhoods are generally middle to upper price ranges and the older neighborhoods are a mix of inexpensive to historic high-end.


Young Professionals

As with most cities in the suburbs of Dallas, there is a viable downtown commercial district in Garland that attracts the majority of young professionals. If you combine the existing condo/loft options with a massive new mixed use, residential and retail development coming on the west side of downtown, then you have a growing environment for young people looking for and active place to live. As with most cities, young professionals should start their search downtown.

  • Downtown

The Enclave

Young Families

As was noted in the opportunity section this is a great city for young home buyers to get their start. The newer neighborhoods on the north side and along the turnpike are a good area for young families. Consider starting with The Enclave which has an amazing ratio of home cost to income and stay along the turnpike in your search. Nice homes, yards and services at affordable prices make this area your best bet.

  • The Enclave
  • Meadowood
  • Club Creek

Hills at Firewheel

Established Families

The nicest neighborhoods of Garland run along the north side of the city, bordering Plano and filled with parks and golf courses. As noted, the schools throughout the city are available to anyone who chooses to go to them so living in the north is no big deal whether you choose to go to the schools close to you (which are excellent) or those farther south in the center of the city. When starting your search if you’re looking for bigger homes, yards and a close by commercial district look first at the Firewheel area. All these neighborhoods: Hills of Firewheel, Firewheel Estates, Firewheel Farms etc. all surround the Park and Golf course and are wonderful for families looking for room to spread their wings.

  • Hills at Firewheel
  • Firewheel Estates
  • Spring Park
  • Greens