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Downtown Atlanta
Downtown Atlanta
Downtown Atlanta
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Little Five Points
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The Best Thing About Atlanta?

It Has It All

Atlanta is perfectly situated to offer the best of the best from all cities in the US. You want a New York feel? Perfect, move to Midtown where you have gorgeous Central Park-esque Piedmont Park situated right next to the bustling city skyscrapers. If you want the charm of a college town, we have Tech and GSU all inside the Perimeter.

The Tech Village in Buckhead is a close rival to San Francisco's Silicon Valley. The craft brewery scene is lively enough to make Portland jealous! And you can’t forget about the history; Atlanta is home to the National Center for Civil and Human Rights as well as the King Center and Birth Home of MLK Jr.. Nightlife, walkable neighborhoods with local coffee shops, Instagram-worthy murals, and all four seasons make this the best of every city you’ve ever been to.

One local note's: I have lived here for just over two years and I still love the city! There is never a dull weekend, in my experience. We have an excellent food scene in all parts of Atlanta and the surrounding areas, microbreweries such as SweetWater, Red Brick, Five Seasons, etc. The nightlife is very dynamic in each area, allowing you to find your niche of bars.

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The Worst Thing About Atlanta?


Atlanta traffic is no joke. We redefine long-distance relationships. “Oh, you live in Decatur? I’m sorry but this isn’t going to work. I just moved to the westside.” It’s not uncommon to see commutes around an hour one-way. If you can live close enough to a MARTA stop, that will be your saving grace. But remember, there are only two lines - the north/south and the east/west.

In the words of one local: Man the I-20 connecter on 75/85 headed south has to be one of the worst sets of on/off ramps in the country. 2 on-ramps feed traffic into the same two lanes that split into single lanes going east and west on 20.

For more reviews of what living in Atlanta is like from locals check out: The Reviews.

Lifestyle of Atlanta

Atlanta is a sprawling metropolis so a summary of the lifestyle there is a bit foolhardy. There are however small pockets of diversity, culture and experiences that are truly unique to this amazing city and can be identified as right for you. Things that are universally true: the city is stunningly green, with forests and beautiful parks throughout the neighborhoods. Combine that green space with a mild climate and you have a recipe for a great outdoor lifestyle.

There are also consistently fun nightlife opportunities, in small neighborhood pubs, Downtown clubs, and in chic Midtown high-end restaurants. The city is known for fabulous shopping, again, via eclectic boutiques in Little Five Points, or the fanciest upscale stores in Buckhead.

Finally, expect amazing southern food of course, but also know that Atlanta is a global city and the foodie options reflect that diversity with world-class Mexican, Indian, Korean, Vietnamese, and Moroccan restaurants are just a few of the options. Surrounding these daily/nightly options are hugely popular food and beverage festivals the whole city embraces: including Taste of Atlanta and Atlanta Summer Beer Fest.

For a list of big Downtown Events throughout the year check out the city calendar.

Why You Should Move Here Now?

Move Now Before It’s Too Late

The one thing you won’t see in Atlanta is a shortage of cranes. They may be an eyesore, but they’re an indication that Atlanta is growing and showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon. With everything the city has to offer, apartments go fast and it won’t be long before we don’t have any more room to grow!

Neighborhoods in Atlanta

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Atlanta is a big big city. And when we say big we mean it is spread out. Knowing that it’ll take you a minimum of 30 minutes to get anywhere in Atlanta due to the traffic is the first obstacle for recent transplants. But if you’re like us and know that traffic is a staple in most big cities, then you’ll be rewarded with Atlanta’s many attractions and activities. During the week, that traffic is due to so many people commuting into the city for work. Atlanta is home to a ton of headquarters, including Coke, Home Depot, and more! But on the weekend, you’ll have your pick of activities from breweries, walking on the famous Beltline, enjoying one of the many parks, and not to mention the amazing restaurants!

ITP(Inside The Perimeter), you’ll find everything from high-rise apartments, beautiful historic neighborhoods, mini-town centers surrounded by both luxury apartments and cozy condos, and plenty of green space for kids or your furry friends. OTP (Outside The Perimeter) you'll find your typical suburb. Whether you’re a recent college grad, a first-time empty nester or anything in between, you’ll find a place to call home in ATL.


Atlanta has “areas” and it has “neighborhoods.” You can say you live on the Northside and people will know exactly what you mean, but also ask you “where on the Northside?” You can live in amore established area like Buckhead or Inman Park, or you can live in the new “it” neighborhood (forever changing). Each Atlanta neighborhood has distinct housing options, so be sure to know if you want to rent or buy, live in a high-rise or a bungalow, and how close you need to be to work to not be miserable every morning.

Old Fourth Ward

Young Professionals

Atlanta is the city for young professionals. The job industry is booming: everything from the film industry to tech and healthcare. Because of the amazing weather in Atlanta, there’s a ton to do when you’re not on the clock. Check out Old Fourth Ward if you want a great location, awesome restaurants shopping, as well as a ton of housing options. At the center of this awesome neighborhood is Old Fourth Ward Park, the perfect place to take your pup, picnics with friends, and mid-day WFH walks.

  • Old Fourth Ward
  • Cabbagetown
  • Buckhead

West Midtown


No kids in Atlanta? No problem! Check out West Midtown if you want an area that has an industrial, art gallery-going kind of feel. You can have your pick of trendy lofts, townhomes, and more all within walking distance to the west side’s large collection of amazing restaurants and shops, in addition to boasting some of the most enviable views of downtown.

  • West Midtown
  • Grant Park
  • Inman Park



Certain elected officials may have you feeling like Atlanta isn’t accepting of the LGBTQ+ community, but when you visit you’ll see how welcoming the people of Atlanta are. In fact, Atlanta has one of the highest populations of LGBTQ+ people in the US. If you ask us (and anyone in ATL), they’re going to tell you to check out Midtown. It’s the epicenter of the queer nightlife scene and is, overall, a very diverse and accepting community. You’ll be right in between Piedmont Park and the business district of Midtown which just means that you can have both an easy commute to work and an easy commute to your weekend plans!

  • Midtown
  • Cabbagetown
  • Decatur



Families should start your search in Decatur. This neighborhood is beloved because it has its own little downtown area (The Square) full of amazing restaurants, locally-owned boutiques, and there are even family-friendly events thrown on the square in the summer. Situated just a couple MARTA stops from Downtown, it’s perfect for people who want to take advantage of Decatur’s amazing schools, while not roughing through a commute from the burbs.

  • Decatur
  • Candler Park
  • Kirkwood

Inman Park


Retirees & Empty-Nesters can find plenty of space to call their home 2.0 in Atlanta. Inman Park, in particular, features stellar restaurants and upscale bars, walkability, and homes or condos that can leave enough room for those weekends your kids/grandkids need to do laundry. It’s also a popular place for summer festival events!

  • Inman Park
  • Vinings
  • Grant Park