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I represent a district in Nevada, a state that is home to more wild horses than all other states combined. -Jon Porter

The Best Thing About Spring Valley?

Proximity to The Strip

Spring Valley butts right up against The Vegas Strip. That means if you work there you have an incredibly short commute. In fact, Spring Valley was created to serve as a bedroom community for people working on The Strip who needed housing. The second best part is that it is NOT a master-planned community. Most of the suburban towns around Vegas are master-planned and pretty cookie cutter in terms of housing. Spring Valley is much older than other cities and has more urban energy, and more diverse housing (albeit suburban style).

Here's a local with some notes on living in the area:
Las Vegas has very nice areas, mostly toward the edges of town… Summerlin, Southern Highlands, The Lakes, Spring Valley, Desert Shores. Even downtown has some nice new or newly renovated buildings if you like urban living. Near “The Strip” has many condo type high rise buildings that are extremely nice. I live in the Northwest part of Las Vegas that I find very pleasant. Most of the Las Vegas valley is “nice”. A quick drive through an area and it will be obvious whether you would want to live there or not. The valley is mostly suburban living except “Downtown” and along “The Strip” corridor.

For more reviews of what living in Spring Valley is like from locals check out: The Buzz

Worst Part About Spring Valley?

It's a mixed bag

If you crave a master-planned, “neighborhood” structure then Spring Valley, or at least much of it won’t work for you. If being next to The Strip is just a bit crazy for you then much of Spring Valley won’t work for you. There are definitely some neighborhoods that are “planned” and more suburban style AND are farther from The Strip but again, much of the area has that mixed-use, more busy vibe.

Here's a local's note about living here:
My experience is that it’s a lot of middle to low income people of diverse backgrounds. Many who work the strip and these are good locations for getting to work quickly while still being safe neighborhoods. It does have not so great hotspots but I never had to deal with anything too uncomfortable.

Lifestyle of Spring Valley

Spring Valley is a suburban city (albeit unincorporated) that is a bit less suburban than neighboring master-planned cities like Summerlin in part due to the fact it borders The Strip. Your lifestyle, at least for many, is on The Strip. In part due to the fact that they work on The Strip and go out there after, and in part because it is such a huge draw for nightlife whether you work there or not. There is also a suburban, family-centric energy to other parts of Spring Valley in which many of the locals may never hit The Strip.

If you want to see what's happening in Spring Valley check out the calendar of events: https://www.eventbrite.com/b/nv--spring-valley/community/

Workstyle of Spring Valley

As was noted, Spring Valley borders The Strip so most of the residents do the short commute to the casinos or other businesses that serve the tourist industry. While there are other industries in the area you can count on most of your neighbors working in Vegas.

Why You Should Move Here Now?

Vegas On A Budget

If you want to be near the heart of Las Vegas, but pay less for your home than virtually anywhere in California, AND pay no income taxes? Move to Spring Valley.

Neighborhoods in Spring Valley

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Young Professionals

Spring Valley doesn’t have much of a downtown, where young professionals live and play. Young people do live here but they tend to live throughout the community, in the many apartment buildings and complexes that offer inexpensive housing options. There are local pubs and restaurants, a ton in fact, but for the most part, young people live cheaply, and go into the city of Vegas for their nightlife.

Spanish Hills


Although Spring Valley is notable for proximity to the Vegas scene it also has beautiful master-planned communities out farther from the border of The Strip. The most notable (and fanciest) is Spanish Hills. This is a luxury community with massive, lavish, custom-built homes surrounded by incredible outdoor opportunities like a recreational park, tennis courts, and a performing arts center. It’s also close to the shopping and dining in next door Summerlin.

  • Spanish Hills
  • Rhodes Ranch
  • The Lakes
  • Spanish Trails