Bend, Oregon

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Sunny Days: 158
51100 Affordability
89100 Schools
30100 Diversity
88100 Safety

The Best Thing About Bend?

The Great Outdoors

There are other places in the great northwest and mountain states with great outdoor lifestyle experiences. We’re just saying Bend is better than any of them. To start, you’re on the Deschutes River so canoeing, kayaking, swimming, and just walking the shores are 10 minutes away. Next, Mt Bachelor, a world class ski resort, is LESS than 10 minutes away. Add to all of these things an amazing biking scene, hiking trails everywhere you look, and 160-165 days of sunshine per year (the most of any city in Oregon) and you’ve got the premier northwest spot for outdoor lovers.

Quotes from Locals: If you like the outdoors this place is like heaven. It's within an hour of some of the best wilderness in the country and a couple hours of even better stuff. It really is an outdoorsman's dream.

The Worst Thing About Bend?


This is a tough call but perhaps a tie between population growth (or the popularity of complaining about the growth) and not much of a local business economy. Most of the newbies pouring into Bend are either retirees or those who can work remotely. If you’re looking for a job, other than in the service sector, it’s going to be tough.

Local note: People move here for the quality of life, so they're willing to take lower wages. Also, the economy here is largely driven by tourism and construction, so there are relatively few white collar (high paying) jobs. But there is a large community of 2nd-home owners / retirees willing to pay inflated prices for homes / housing.

Lifestyle of Bend

In A Bigger Home With More Land

Given most people are moving here from cities along the west coast it is extremely likely you’re going to live in a bigger home with more land than you’re used to. There are plenty of cool condo buildings as well, that a ton of empty nesters and retirees enjoy. We’ve never seen a healthier boomer population than in Bend and given it has a 91 walk score, you can expect to be a short walk or an extremely short drive from downtown and tons of breweries, restaurants, boutique coffee shops, and everything else you need.

To get an understanding of all the happenings in Bend check out the calendar of events:

Why You Should Move Here Now?

Pandemic (and post-pandemic) Nirvana

When people talk about escaping their city lives and moving to a new roomier, healthier, happier place they might as well just pack and head to Bend. Central Oregon is ridiculously beautiful and Bend is right in the middle of that beauty plus it has a really cool town you get to enjoy.

Neighborhoods in Bend

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Old Bend/Downtown

Young Professionals

Old Bend is the heart of the city, in large part due to the great restaurants, bars, breweries and community events that happen throughout the year. It’s also home to Drake Park and Mirror Pond, the riverfront park where locals hang out on weekends. Old Bend has some of the most beautiful historic homes in the city as well as apartments and condos for those not ready to take the homeowner plunge.

  • Old Bend
  • Downtown

Century West


For families that are looking to focus on outdoor recreation, Century West is a perfect neighborhood. Homes are being built here at a rapid pace which makes sense given the access to kayaking on the Deschutes river, close proximity to skiing, snowboarding or mountain biking at Mt. Bachelor. Orchard District is another good option if you are looking for green space but are just as concerned with being close to downtown Bend, demand great schools, but also want great homes and tree-lined streets.

  • Century West
  • Orchard District
  • Old Farm District

Regency Village/Downtown


Bend pulls in retirees for a combination of reasons. The weather is pretty temperate. The prices are better than the coastal cities, and the recreation and health options for seniors are amazing. There are plenty of beautiful neighborhoods that have both young professionals and retirees, like Old Bend. And wonderful retirement residencies including Regency Village, Aspen Ridge and Fox Hollow, that all look and feel more like ski lodges and ski communities than typical retirement facilities. These facilities are located in neighborhoods like Old Mill District or Downtown and so walking to restaurants and shopping is simple.

  • Old Bend
  • Regency Village
  • Aspen Ridge
  • Fox Hollow