Nags Head, North Carolina

Windsurfing Capital Of The U.S.



Sunny Days: 200
46100 Affordability
80100 Schools
30100 Diversity
59100 Safety

On the beach, you can live in bliss.
-Dennis Wilson

The Best Thing About Nags Head?

The Dunes

For those not in the know, Nags Head is a town that is the heart of the beach vacation paradise known as the Outer Banks. The town is beloved in part for having the largest natural sand dunes on the eastern shore as well being an outdoor paradise also known as the Hang Gliding capital of the US. The area also offers miniature golf, big person golf, snorkeling, kayaking, surfing, biking, hiking, fishing and every other warm weather outdoor activity you can think of. If you live here you’re gonna love spending time on the dunes, on the beach and on the water.

Here's a local/part-timer on living here: I hadn't been down for awhile before I arrived back here on Sunday, and I was just thinking about how much I love it here. There's no traffic. The air is clean. And the owner of your local coffee shop can take the time to chat with you about what she's roasting right now. And we haven't yet had an experience with anyone being unwelcoming or unfriendly. I'm sure it will happen, and this place has its flaws for sure, but it's one of my favorite places in the world to spend my time.

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The Worst Thing About Nags Head?

Job Market

If you’re just looking for a summer service gig then Nags Head and the Outer Banks work just fine. If however you want to move here and need a job year-round then is a tricky place to live. The local school system and healthcare system are just about it for hiring in any volumes. If you’re a remote worker then come on down. Otherwise you might want to think twice.

Local on the job market: I moved here in July of last year. Housing is a bitch to find in the middle of the summer. Jobs are VERY seasonal and you are pretty much limited to retail, restaurant, or fishing. All that aside, it is a very place to live. I like it a lot. Just be prepared to be treated like an outcast for your first few months living here by the "locals". Hit me up if you decide to move this way.

Lifestyle of Nags Head

Lifestyle of Nags Head Outer Banks

If you’ve seen the show Outer Banks you probably imagine a lot of really good looking young people hanging out on boats and in the water and on the beaches and occasionally discovering treasure. And at least the first parts are pretty true. If you live here your life will revolve around the beaches, the water and outdoor adventure. Sure, people work hard and raise kids and do the normal things here too. But really, the reason to move here is to enjoy a life filled with the best the Atlantic Ocean has to offer. The rest is just background music.

Happenings in Nags Head/OBX:

Why You Should Move Here Now?

It’s the Real Deal

If you can work remote, want to live in a beach paradise, and don’t mind the area emptying out in the winter then move here now. It’s truly stunning and has an old-school, authentic Atlantic vibe that newer hot spots cannot replicate. Nags Head is the real deal.

Neighborhoods in Nags Head

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Seven Sisters


Seven Sisters is an oceanside neighborhood right across from the water and notable not just for the easy access to the dunes (it's named after a group of sandhills called the Seven Sisters) but also for the lovely community pool and beautiful beach homes that draw in families for year-round and seasonal living. The homes are noted for their big decks ideal for sunset viewing and evening cocktails and you get the bonus of an easy walk to local shops, grocery stores and even a Duck Donuts!

The Village at Nags Head


The Village is a 400-acre golf and beach community that sits between the Roanoke Sound and the dunes and surf of the Atlantic. It has homes along the ocean, the sound and the course so you get beautiful views no matter where you live and the added value of being close to the Nags Head Golf Links and priority tee times for being a resident. The homes are magnificent, many with private pools and massive decks, and there is also a community pool and bathhouse that gives the neighborhood a gathering place for events and everyday play.

The Village also has two Southside Parks with piers that extend into the Sound and offer sailing, windsurfing, kayaking, crabbing, swimming, fishing and pretty much everything else you can do on the water. The parks have plenty of room for the kiddos to play and the family to have a picnic.