Cheyenne, Wyoming

Live The Legend

The Best Thing About Cheyenne?

Wide Open Spaces

If you’ve ever driven through Wyoming then you know it is a beautiful state. Wide open plains, and mountain ranges backing up the plains in a slightly purple color that makes it look different than any other state. Cheyenne is a perfect place to live amongst this beauty with nice people and a cool, western vibe.

Review from a near local: I don’t live in Cheyenne but Wyoming is beautiful and Cheyenne is a great place to land because it’s one the the towns here that has the most people. The pros are endless though! There’s tons to do all around Wyoming, the landscapes and recreation are incredible, find some friends and they’ll take you to some great surrounding areas, probably buy you a 12 pack of beer, and take you hunting, hiking, fishing etc.

The Worst Thing About Cheyenne?

Windy City

Much like the original Chicago moniker, Cheyenne’s issue with wind has dual meanings. First, it is truly windy here, all the time. Without digging in too deep on geological conditions know that Cheyenne has winds coming off the downslope of the Rockies and that contributes to the issue. The other side of the “windy” issue comes from old time money that likes things the way they are, and new money arriving from other places, who like the simple life of Cheyenne but will also complain because they want things more like their old (or other) home.

Local note about Cheyenne wind: *Yes, Wyoming has always been windy; parts of the state are among the windiest on the continent. That's not the point that's being made.

Severe wind events are getting worse, more frequent, and longer lasting, and overall average wind speeds have been worse this season. For a place that's already excessively windy, that's a pretty big deal.*

Lifestyle of Cheyenne

In A Rural City

Cheyenne is a big city, by Wyoming standards, but it feels much more like a small village, where everyone knows your name. For the most part everyone lives in suburban-style homes with plenty of room for kids to run around should you be in the family way. There isn’t much in the way of downtown condos or loft-style options, but there are empty buildings, which new money is inevitably eyeing for development, so keep an eye on the real estate pages if that is more your speed.

Check out all the upcoming events in Cheyenne via a calendar of events:

Why You Should Move Here Now?

Californians Tend To Ignore Wyoming (other than Jackson Hole)

There has been a huge influx of Californians (and other state) flocking to small Western/Mountain State cities. Boise, Big Sky, Park City, Bozeman, and others are seeing an explosion in growth, and housing prices. Cheyenne has seen some as well but not as dramatic as the others and so if you want to bail on LA/San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, or any other city that made you feel trapped during the height of the pandemic then Cheyenne might be your place.