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I do feel like a Clevelander. Every time, when people ask me, I automatically say, 'My home is Cleveland.

  • Kyrie Irving

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Cleveland has The Eastside and The Westside and the twain really don’t meet. These are clusters of many suburbs that are too many to name. The actual city of Cleveland is geographically tight and the ‘inner-ring’ suburbs are popular with people looking for a bustling, urban lifestyle and left-leaning politics. The Westside features Lakewood (lake shoreline, high LGBTQ quotient, solid public transportation and tons of millennials.) Ohio City (young professionals, juice bars and yoga) and Tremaine. The Eastside features Cleveland Heights, Coventry, University Circle and Shaker Heights all of which are pretty good for families.
dDowntown underwent a major revitalization many years ago and living downtown became a thing that was possible. A warehouse district called The Flats was massively developed (now East Bank Flats and West Bank Flats) with world class entertainment and sports the requisite loft-style, genuine artist- in-residence spaces and luxury apartments (Goldcoast) all of which house the professionals, the painters and the partiers. Oh and there’s professional sports like crazy.

The Cleveland metro area is extremely diverse (though segregated -- The Westside is very white and can, in certain places, be downright racist.) Little Italy is the real deal, a system of metro parks called The Emerald Necklace is cool but The Lake Effect is not just a fancy term -- lots o’ snow.

The Best Thing About Cleveland?

It Rocks?

An urban lifestyle is available well below the cost of other cities. Millennials have breathed new life into Cleveland and it shows. The ‘inner-ring’ of suburbs is pretty handy.

In the words of a local:

It is a great city. Best playhouse district outside of NYC, 4 beautiful renovated theaters with excellent entertainment. World renowned orchestra, art museum , art and culture. Two big stadiums with good sports teams. The emerald necklace, with miles and miles of beautiful trails, lots of beautiful green space. The lake front, beautiful beach and brand new areas. The downtown area is clean and safe. Beautiful to walk through at night. Wonderful Park system. Every kind of trendy restaurant you can think of and food markets. And of course the Rock and roll museum and the Football Hall of Fame. Fantastic medical community with world famous hospitals. Good suburbs and affordable housing.Well the list goes on and on but that is a sample of what is in Cleveland.

The Worst Thing About Cleveland?

Spring Is a Week Long

The weather really blows. Winters are grey and long and when the grey weather sets in, those notoriously friendly people lose their otherwise friendly demeanor.

A local's POV on the weather:
Having four seasons is great, but they aren't always pleasant. In fact, I would argue there are seven season in Cleveland ("construction season" jokes aside), and you get six of them every year: good summer, bad summer, awesome fall, good winter, bad winter, and then one of either nice spring or shitty spring, but whichever spring you get will also only be like a week or two long.

Lifestyle Of Cleveland

People who live here LOVE IT. It has an amazing theater district with four beautiful and renovated downtown venues. It has a world-class orchestra and art museum and of course the Rock and Roll Museum. Two downtown sport arenas and a beautiful lake front beach. The food scene has exploded in recent years and the bar/club scene is pulling in youngsters from across the midwest. If none of that blows your horn then consider quiet, posh suburban neighborhoods for relaxing with your plutocrat friends. e eyar

Check out the calendar of events if you want a closer review of all the concerts, theater and more throughout the year:

Workstyle of Cleveland

Cleveland is well-known for its historic manufacturing base, which like all of the midwest has suffered in the last several decades. What is less well-known is how massive the world-class medical community is here with Cleveland Clinic consistently rated among the top one or two hospitals in the United States. More recent growth in tech, banking and financial services and healthcare have improved the working conditions well beyond its Rust Belt reputation.

Why You Should Move Here Now?

They really want you to.

Cleveland is still in a years-long effort to reinvent itself and it has attracted lots of advanced jobs in BioTech, IT and advanced manufacturing that pay well while the cost of living and home prices are a bargain.

Neighborhoods in Cleveland

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The Flats

Young Professionals

The Flats is where young professionals should start their search. Views of the river, tons of apartment complexes and insane options for nightlife make this the center of the planet, Cleveland-wise, for an awesome walkable lifestyle. Another interesting option is Detroit Shoreway. Two miles west of downtown on a bluff overlooking Lake Erie, it’s one of the cooler new spots for young professionals. A short walk to Edgewater Park and Lake Erie, the neighborhood is filled with brand new apartment and condo options and plenty of interesting restaurants, microbreweries and views of the Lake.

  • The Flats
  • Detroit Shoreway
  • University Circle

University Circle


University Circle is an amazing area, once named one of the prettiest neighborhoods in America, it is filled with Young Professionals, artists, professors and grad students. The Cleveland Museum of Art is here along with smaller gallery and art studios. It’s also filled with a mix of apartment, condo and single-family home options if that’s what you’re looking for. It has an active social scene but is a bit less nutty than the Flats for those who are ready to get a break or who never crave that scene.

  • University Circle
  • Lakewood
  • Ohio City/Tremont
  • Kamm’s Corners

West Side


Cleveland hasn’t had a true city-center neighborhood for LGBTQ+ community like some other major cities, but the west side from W 25th to Lakewood is the most concentrated area.

That’s changing with the buildout of Studio West, a 100,000 square foot development on the border of Lakewood and Cleveland. The development includes a massive warehouse with gym, sports leagues and a home for the Stonewall Sports community. It will also include a mixed-use building for LGBT youth, seniors and students as well as a residency for visiting drag performers. Finally a 55,000-square-foot entertainment complex will host six different entertainment spaces - live music, drag shows theater and more, the building will also include retail, a podcasting studio, and a co-working space.

  • West Side
  • Studio West



Lakewood feels like it is part of Cleveland but it’s actually a separate city that borders the west side of the city along Lake Erie. It’s filled with families but also has the energy of an arts district with a great restaurant and bar scene when you feel like going out. It has Edgwater Park for recreation, the lake, and great homes, yards and public schools. Kamm’s Corner is another active neighborhood choice for families in Cleveland. Two golf courses, and tons of outdoor recreation make it a healthy choice but is has has a great Farmers Market and is host to The Hooley, an annual block party with live music, tasty treats and plenty of entertainment for all ages.

  • Lakewood
  • Kamm’s Corner
  • Tremont
  • Solon