Memphis, Tennessee

Grind City

Real respects real, so if you can get Memphis to love you, you have to have something real there. Memphis doesn't just support anybody.
-Young Dolph

The Best Thing About Memphis?


Very few cities are as renowned as Memphis for its music-centered nightlife. As the home of the Blues and the birthplace of Rock and Roll, Memphis has sustained and even burnished its reputation for some of the best live music on the planet. Surrounding all this music nightlife are amazing restaurants serving arguably the best bbq in the country. If you’re up for great tunes and great eats don’t sleep on Memphis.

Here's a review from a local of what they think of Memphis:
We’ve lived in Memphis since 1989. While it has its problems, Memphis has been very good to my family and me. We enjoy our midtown neighborhood and all the amenities that surround it - Overton Park, Overton Square, Crosstown, good schools and hospitals, a neighborhood with sidewalks, bike lanes, and friendly neighbors. Additionally, Memphis has a very low cost of living compared to other cities of similar size. There is a vibrant music scene with many free concerts at the University of Memphis, Rhodes College, and the Levitt Shell. I’m not sure you could ask for a whole lot more in the way of restaurants in a city this size either. The food selection is great. And if none of that appeals, you can always go watch the sun set over the Mississippi River and be awestruck every time.

The Worst Thing About Memphis?


Memphis is one of the poorest cities in the country. While all major cities suffer from some poverty it is more obvious when you live in Memphis. Property crimes are a consistent problem, and pockets of the city are dangerous and best avoided. As noted all cities have similar challenges but they plague Memphis more than others.

Here's a local with a balanced pov on the poverty in Memphis:
Memphis is a poor city. It is a nice place to live though.

The upshot, as it were, to the poverty is the low cost of living. Housing stock in Memphis is very cheap compared to the national averages and incredibly cheap if you're moving from a high cost of living area.

How You Living?


Memphis has some of the most interesting neighborhoods in the U.S. Central Gardens in Midtown is a great example of this with beautiful homes from the early 1900’s, a lively arts and music scene, and the entire commercial district walkable from where you live. You’ll have your pick of a number of neighborhoods with a similar mix of play and home.

If you're curious about what the locals in Memphis do in their spare time check out the calendar of events:

Why You Should Move Here Now?


After the last year and change it seems clear that we should be enjoying ourselves more. We should be living in a city that gives us a break from the loneliness of our work-from-home culture. Memphis is the city to provide you that break and we encourage all who seek a healthier dose of fun in their lives to put it on your list of cities to consider.