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The Best Thing About Davis?


Davis is sometimes described as a “suburb of Sacramento.” That description doesn't nearly do it justice.

Davis also has the spunk of a college town, with UC Davis bringing much energy of the city than a typical suburban city. Davis does though have great public schools, California weather, and plenty of parks which make it a great place to raise a family. Notably it has been the bicycle champion of the U.S. with the highest ridership of any city in the union.

Finally, in addition to Sacramento, the cities of San Francisco, San Jose and Oakland, and the natural beauty of Lake Tahoe, Mt. Tam and Pt. Reyes National Seashore, are all accessible within a two hour drive. So you've got that going for you too.

Thoughts from a local:
Davis is a quiet town for the most part. The most bustling part, as you’d expect, is the area surrounding the UC Davis campus. The apartments and houses that are within a 10 minute bike ride of the campus are usually populated by students. Weather can be on the extreme side since it’s in the valley.

I love it here because this is the type of town that I want to be in. People complain mostly about it being too quiet or having nothing to do, but I have none of these complaints. There’s always good food to choose from, and there’s a spate of new breweries to hang out at as well. If you want Thai food, there’s about 10 different places to choose from.

The Worst Thing About Davis?

The Middle Ground

Davis is great for families. Davis is great for college students. Davis can be difficult for those in between. There isn’t that much going on in terms of nightlife if you’re not a student, and the variety in the restaurant/bar scene isn’t on par with what you might hope from a college town. It’s also property in a nice part of California, so housing prices almost immediately price a lot of young people out of Davis to begin with. To summarize, single people in their mid-twenties have very different experiences in Davis than families and college students.

Locals mostly complain about housing prices:

The only bad part about Davis? the cost of housing. I’m a real estate agent in town and finding a decent home for less than $500,000 is going to mean you’re in a condo or halfplex. Even at a $600,000 budget it can be challenging to find a home, which is pretty discouraging for a lot of young families who grew up in town but can't afford to buy here.

Lifestyle of Davis

College Apartment or Single Family Home

The area around UC Davis, and to the north of campus in particular, is, unsurprisingly, a lot of apartment buildings that are typically filled with students. South Davis is known for its single family homes, bike paths, and its proximity to the country club. Central Davis centers around the main stretch, and has a number of different older home styles all within walking distance of downtown. North Davis is where a lot of families live and there are a number of different single family housing styles and options.

If you want to see what's happening in Davis during the year check out the downtown calendar of events: https://davisdowntown.com/

Why You Should Move Here Now?

Great for the Whole Family

If you’re at a crossroads and looking to start, or expand, your family on the west coast, then Davis is a great place to have on you list. It’s mostly suburban with a lot of family friendly positives both in the city and within a short drive. Davis is a home run if it’s in your price range.

Neighborhoods in Davis

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South Davis

College Students

Off-campus students live in either North or South Davis. If you’re looking to party then South is more popular and if you’re looking for a bit more quiet then North is probably your choice. There are tons of apartment options in both of these neighborhoods and plenty of commercial options including bars, restaurants and grocery and general shopping.

  • South Davis
  • North Davis

West Davis


West Davis is popular with families. It is missing the raucous student population that can keep a sleeping baby or a parent up at night. Look at Village Homes in this neighborhood. A big housing development with unique home styles and beautiful gardens and walking paths. Also consider North Davis but out farther towards Anderson and you’ll find all single family homes and quiet blocks. One added bonus to these neighborhoods is the excellent public school options in Davis.

  • West Davis
  • North Davis