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Sunny Days: 229
48100 Affordability
100100 Schools
63100 Diversity
88100 Safety

You may all go to Hell, and I will go to Texas – Davy Crockett

Best Thing About Plano

Nature, Parks, and Trails

Plano is the perfect place for active singles or families. There are parks, bike trails, dog parks, and recreation centers that everyone can enjoy. If you’re in the mood for a pickup game of tag football, picnic with friends, or a walk with the fam, check out the two open space preserves: Arbor Hills Nature Preserve, which has a pond, and Oak Point Park and Nature preserve. Within both parks are biking trails void of interruption from cars or traffic.

If you want indoor recreation, there are 5 recreation centers in Plano, three with indoor pools, one with an outdoor pool, and a recreation center exclusively for senior residents. If you or your family has a furry friend, there are many dog parks in the area, great for an afternoon with the pup! With the favorable weather and community feel of Plano, it’s no shocker that everyone loves to get out and about!

Here's a local's pov on living in Plano:
Plano is fantastic for couples hoping to raise a family. The public education system in Plano is fantastic. Plano is also incredibly safe - it was ranked the safest placed to live twice since 2010. While Plano is pretty quiet there are fun places to go, specifically the Shops at Legacy, which is in west Plano, and downtown Plano, which is in east Plano. Those two scenes attract a lot of young professionals looking for a more lively atmosphere. There are also a bunch of great restaurants in Plano for foodies. Some of my favorites are Densetsu, Mash'd, Urban Crust, and Platia's.

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Worst Thing About Plano

Growing Pains

The pandemic means that people don’t have to live in high-population areas and sacrifice happiness for location. Texas is no stranger to the post-office life migration. Texas, as a whole, offers no income tax for citizens or corporations, meaning it’s a very popular place for headquarters including FedEx, Frito-Lay, and more. More people and more business means, you guessed it, traffic.

For people who are still commuting to Dallas, you’re looking at your usual 25 minute commute go up to 70 minutes in the evening rush. As more and more businesses take advantage of Texas’s lack of corporate income taxes, we can expect even more people to move to the DFW area in the coming years than already have been

Here's the pov of a local who also knows the opinion of a more recent transplant:
I have a friend who moved here from Germany a couple years ago. I think she leans towards regretting moving here but I wouldn’t say she is miserable though.

One of the worst problems is the number of people flooding in which is making most of the local problems worse - traffic, housing, water, etc.

Lifestyle of Plano

Plano is a safe, sunny, family-friendly, and fun town. People who live here have found a perfect combination of work-life balance. There is a ton to do outside with family or friends, great restaurants, and amazing schools. Plano’s neighborhoods are tree-lined and gorgeous, full of families and young professionals looking for community and a good time!

If you want to see what's happening in Plano check out the calendar of events:

Worklife of Plano

Plano is home to a huge number of headquarters. At Home, FedEx Office, Frito-Lay, J.C. Penney, and many more all call Plano home! Because there are so many people already in Plano and many more on the way, there is no shortage of job opportunities for those on the hunt. The largest employers are Capital One Finance, DXC Technology, and Bank of America.

Why Move Now?

Move now before it’s too late!

With the high number of headquarters already in Plano, plus more moving to the DFW area in the next few years, it’s only getting more crowded. Couple that with the pandemic’s rise in housing prices, and even a reasonably priced and populated city like Plano will boom! Move now while you can and watch Plano grow!

Neighborhoods in Plano

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Young Professionals

Young professionals in Plano have a ton to keep them occupied. Whether you’re commuting to Dallas or work at one of the many headquarters in town, your weekends will be filled with hanging out with friends outdoors, taking your favorite furry friend to the park, or hitting up one of the many great restaurants or bars. Stay close to the action in these neighborhoods:

  • Downtown Plano
  • Pitman Creek


Young Families

Young Families settling down in Plano have a ton to look forward to. There are plenty of future fixer-uppers and great neighborhoods with awesome schools and parks, all while being close to the action.

  • Timbercreek
  • Pitman Creek
  • King’s Ridge

Russell Creek

Established Families

Older families will find it no trouble at all to find a place in Plano to call home. There is a wide variety in listing price, all while giving your and your family the amenities and privacy they want. These neighborhoods have tree-lined streets, easy access to parks and nature trails, and great schools.

  • Russell Creek
  • Lakeside
  • Legacy West

Oak Point


There is plenty in Plano to keep recently retired singles and couples busy. There are great shops, restaurants, and a ton of outdoor activities to participate in. If you find your nest recently empty, check out these areas:

  • Downtown
  • Oak Point