Asheville, North Carolina

Land Of The Sky

The Best Thing About Asheville?

Mountain Living

Asheville is a haven for outdoor adventurers. While there are lots of things to love here, hiking the mountain trails like Craggy Gardens, Graveyard Loop, Art Loeb Trail, & Linville Falls (did we mention all the waterfall hikes?) is tops on most resident and visitor lists. When you’re done with your trek you’ll also find a great foodie scene and plenty of amazing wine and craft beer, so don’t go thinking this is a one-note city.

Note from local about the best thing about Asheville: Best: The scenery. I love how you can be on the interstate (and elsewhere, of course) and have an incredible view of the mountains appear out of nowhere. I also love how the scenery changes with the seasons and position of the sun throughout the year. Oh, and when the clouds partially block the sun, so one patch or ridge of mountains is in shadow, while the next ridge over is lit up and bright.

The Worst Thing About Asheville?

When It Rains, It Floods

The surrounding mountains act as a giant funnel delivering water into Asheville and causing river and creek banks to overflow. Streets tend to flood and if your home is in a lower valley you can expect some water damage. One word of caution: pick a home that isn’t amidst the low lying land.

Local note about the impact on her home: got flooded out of my home in 2017 thanks to the heavier than normal rainfalls during a hurricane and told it was now to be expected as the new normal. home not in a flood zone now and never was - but will be when they redraw the maps.

Lifestyle of Asheville


Asheville is “nestled” in the Blue Ridge Mountains and no matter where you live that feeling dominates your sense of place.

The Central Business District has a lot of condo options if you favor downtown living. If a good walkscore to restaurants, shops and art galleries is your thing then you’ll be fine here. Outside of downtown are beautiful neighborhoods like Montford, North Asheville & Grove Park that have large historic homes or Arts & Crafts bungalows. Retirees should check out Beaverdam, while hipsters or artsy-folks should look at West Asheville, which is home to the arts scene, and has its own downtown area with music, bars and great restaurants.

If you want to see what kind of fun and culture happens here check out the calendar of events:

Why You Should Move Here Now?

It Ain’t The Villages (or Florida for that matter)

This is primarily a point for those looking for a place to retire. They say that you’re either a Villages person or you’re not (Google The Villages in Florida to see what we’re talking about). If you think of Florida as a giant version of The Villages and you decide there is no way you can handle that, then consider Asheville. Pre and Post-Pandemic moving trends are driving growth here so if you’re considering the move we’d recommend doing so post-haste.