Casper, Wyoming

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The Best Thing About Casper?

A River Runs Through It

The North Platte River, which runs around and through Casper, is perhaps the most iconic fly-fishing destination in the world. An amazing abundance of the right kind of bugs, a stunning ecosystem and consistent year-round water temperatures combine to make this the perfect waterway for the beloved trout that anglers seek. For those who don’t love fishing the river is not only a beautiful site but also a place to kayak and hike and relax on the daily.

A note for local about outdoor opportunity in Casper: There's a nice spot about 15-20 minutes out of Casper, Big Muddy Pond, that's a perfect spot to take your dogs. Easy access, established trails, relatively little foot traffic, a pond and river to fish or play in, open grassy fields, a little wooded area, and just a nice/scenic location overall. Even some bald eagles nest nearby you can regularly get a good look at.

The Worst Thing About Casper?

Tough On Starting A Career

Casper is rated one of the hardest cities in the country to start a career. Limited local businesses and very low population in Wyoming can make it an ideal place to visit but a hard place to get a job and build a career. If you’re considering moving here then best to do so with a job you can do remotely.

Here's a local with strong opinions on living in Casper: It's 50/50 for me. The wind is absolutely bonkers some days, but that's just a part of life in Wyoming in general. I really hate the oil field culture here. A majority of the population is oil workers with $70k trucks that drive like they're blind, and act like the world owes them a blow job. You know the type, the guys with white Oakleys, a thin blue line decal, and who think Five Finger Death Punch is the greatest band on earth.

The construction here goes at a snails pace, and like I noted before the drivers here are psychopaths. But there is a lot to do, especially if you enjoy outdoor activities, and there is a thriving little art scene here among musicians, photographers and painters.

Lifestyle of Casper

Casper feels most like a mountain town built for an outdoor lifestyle. Everyone here is into fishing, mountain biking, running, climbing or snow sports. The area has 53 parks, 90 miles of trails, 30 playgrounds, four dog parks and most amazing: Fremont Canyon and the North Platte River when you really ache for the greatest of the outdoors. Beyond getting outside Casper is thought of as a conservative city by out-of-state measurements with a focus on family and community-building. It is at times rated the #1 city in the country for charitable giving and for a small city has wonderful history and general museums and a wide range of restaurant and nightlife options. Casper in particular and Wyoming in general rank #1 in the country for gun ownership so if knowing that there are 200 registered guns per 1,000 people bothers you then steer clear.

To get a sense of your daily options for activities check out the Casper calendar of events:

Why You Should Move Here Now?

Escape From New York

We don’t mean New York literally, but if you’re in any big city looking to find a different pace and lifestyle and are game for the more conservative populace then put Casper on your shortlist. It’s hard to imagine a better cost to outdoor beauty/lifestyle ratio than here.

Neighborhoods in Casper

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Young Professionals

Downtown Casper is working hard to build up to be a place that young professionals as well as families can have some fun. David Street Station, a newly built outdoor space for concerts and performances, is the centerpiece of this effort. It even has a splash pad for the summer that converts to an ice rink in the winter. Downtown also plays host to summer street parties called Casper Art Walk every first Thursday of the month. You will also find plenty of boutique shopping, excellent restaurants and plenty of microbreweries and craft distilleries all available a short walk from the downtown condos/apartments.

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East Casper


Most neighborhoods in Casper are pleasant for families. The most notable cautionary tale you hear is to avoid “North Casper” although there certainly are locals in that area who defend certain sections. East Casper in particular is a more affluent part of town with bigger homes, bigger yards and better safety ratings. Casper College, Natrona High School and many of the excellent elementary schools are in this area of town and they serve as anchors for families looking to raise their children in a neighborhood with good schools.
One particular street and area within East Casper is South Chestnut St. that was named the Nicest Place in Wyoming in recent years and a finalist for being the national winner. Tight communities and supportive families are hallmarks of both this particular set of blocks but much of Casper in general.

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