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In Fort Wayne, Indiana, a must-stop is Fort Wayne Coney Island Weiner Stand, where you get the hot dog with way too many fresh-cut onions and a dollop of chili on top. How dogs that are prepared this way in the Midwest are known as "Coney Island hot dogs" but have really nothing to do with Coney Island, New York.
-Jim Gaffigan

Best Part About Living in Fort Wayne

No Traffic (and people are nice)

Locals say that Fort Wayne is a big city that feels like a small town. Never is that more apparent than when you ask people what their morning commute is like. Being the second largest city in Indiana, you think you’d hear the same grumbling complaints about traffic, but you’d be wrong! Many people live within 10 miles of their jobs, which means their longest commute is 20 minutes, 29 if you stop for coffee (which you should). Maybe the lack of traffic is why everyone is so nice here!

Review of Fort Wayne from a local:
I've always said to people that what I love about Ft. Wayne is that it really feels like a big town pretending to be a city. 85% of what you (me, at least) might want to go to can be found in and around the city, with a max of a 30 minute drive. There are always some neat public events going on here though. There are tons of great restaurants around and that's where I satisfy most of my need for "new experiences".

Having the lowest cost of living (for cities) in the country is a huge plus, and despite being so cheap, the infrastructure (quality of roads) is generally quite good. As a tech nerd, Ft. Wayne having a fiber internet provider (Frontier Fiber) has also been a massive plus.

Worst Part About Living in Fort Wayne


Despite being a very family-friendly town with a lot to do, Fort Wayne can feel isolating to people who relocate here for work with no support system in place. If you’re used to larger cities, the two/two-plus hour drive to get to a city with a larger entertainment district may frustrate you, especially when a lot of the activities shut down for the winter.

A local points out the challenges of the distance:
The biggest inconveniences for me are what others have already mentioned - those times when you do want to do something Ft. Wayne doesn't have, it's gonna be a real drive to do it. Pacers/Colts game, 2 hour drive. Roller-coasters / water park at Cedar Point, King's Island, Holiday World? 3-5 hour drive.

Lifestyle of Fort Wayne

Fort Wayne attracts families looking for a quiet community and plenty to do on the weekends. Whether it’s one of the many festivals in summer months, the greenway, or one of the many arts events, there’s plenty to keep everyone entertained. Keeping with the small town mentality, the nightlife isn’t as bustling as some would like, but with enough restaurants and coffee shops to try it doesn’t seem to bother locals too much.

If you're interested in seeing what's happening in Fort Wayne check out the calendar of events:

Worklife of Fort Wayne

The city of Fort Wayne has a long history of manufacturing and, like many other cities like it, suffered greatly during the recession of 2008. That being said, the city is doing everything it can to come back and revitalize the town. In addition to the economic growth in the past 10 years, companies like BAE Systems and General Motors are making large investments into the city to ensure its growth. The main industries besides manufacturing are healthcare, insurance, and retail.

Why Move Now?

It’s a Goldilocks town!

The low cost of living combined with friendly small-town atmosphere make Fort Wayne a perfect place to settle down and raise a family. The city would be a breath of fresh air for anyone looking to escape big city life or for someone who’s looking to take a baby step out of their own small hometown into city life.

Neighborhoods in Fort Wayne

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Young Professionals

If you’re a young professional looking to start your post-grad life in Fort Wayne, you’ll be happy to know there’s a ton of great coffee shops, museums, and outdoor activities to keep you busy outside your 9-5. Check out these neighborhoods that are close to the action:

  • Downtown
  • Fairfield
  • The Landing

Foster Park

Young Families

Young Families will love all the activities for the little beans that Fort Wayne has to offer. The parks, the festivals, the museums and nature trails - it does a family good! These neighborhoods will give you plenty of room to move while still keeping you close to nightlife:

  • Foster Park
  • East State Village
  • West Central

West Central

Established Families

The low cost of living, minimal traffic, and amenities make Fort Wayne a no-brainer for families settling down for the long-haul. These neighborhoods have bigger home for bigger kiddos and bigger families and keep you close to everything you need, while giving you a quieter street to call home:

  • West Central
  • Lakeside
  • North Anthony