Columbus, Ohio

We Are So Not Ohio

I have lived in the East for nearly thirty years now, but many of my books prove that I am never very far away from Ohio in my thoughts, and that the clocks that strike in my dreams are often the clocks of Columbus.
— James Thurber

The Best Thing About Columbus?

The Ohio State University

We put the Buckeyes as the #1 thing about Columbus not because the school itself is the thing, but rather what a massive, influential school like Ohio State brings to a city. It directly and indirectly makes Columbus younger, more tech-centric, more LGBT friendly, more culturally diverse, and more economically sound for jobs, real estate, and gives the population more overall confidence than other Ohio or other midwestern cities (apologies to Ann Arbor).

Review of what's cool about living in Columbus:

I am originally from here but lived in LA for a couple years. For me, the best thing about moving back was just how easy it is to do things here, unless you have lived in a big city that can be hard to appreciate, but in Columbus you can get to anywhere in the city from anywhere else within 30 mins, you can drive, park (usually for free 😮) and just walk in with pretty much no inconvenience. In addition to the cost of living, that was kind of the best. In response to the other person's comment about the people, I didn't really find them too different from one another, but Columbus has a lot less cultural diversity than CA overall - not to say there is none, but in CA cities the diversity is much more prominent.

The Worst Thing About Columbus?

It’s Flat

Now this point might seem to go without saying if you’re thinking about moving here from another Midwestern city. However, if you’re thinking about Columbus from a coast or mountain state and are going to hold Columbus to a higher standard you are going to be disappointed with the topography. Some grow to love the plains of the midwest in the same way the desert has appeal but we’re just giving you the heads up.

Many transplants from outside the midwest will note the weather as the biggest challenge:

Worst? Climate, definitely. I moved here from SoCal 4 years ago. Central OH has miserably humid summers and never ending, bitter cold winters, with wind year round. The number of nice days per year I can probably count on my fingers and toes. You will go literal weeks without seeing the sun. The longest stretch I personally remember is 4.5 one Jan-Feb.

Lifestyle of Columbus

Buckeye fandom is king in Columbus. Go to any bar in town on an OSU game day and you’ll find dozens of like minded superfans fostering a spirited environment. The Columbus Blue Jackets also bring sports fans a professional team to rally around, but sports isn’t the only thing that Columbus has to offer in terms of lifestyle.

The city is a bustling hub of art, theater and music, highlighted by the Gallery Hop on the first of every month, where local artists have the opportunity to share their work with the community. The outdoors is also surprisingly big in Columbus for a midwest city. Green spaces like the Olentangy Greenway are sprinkled throughout Ohio’s capital, offering residents the opportunity to get some fresh air without making a big drive. Enjoying everything the city has to offer is made easier by great public transit and relatively little traffic. Overall, people in Columbus are regarded as having a much wider range of interests and personalities than your typical ‘midwestern nice’ stereotype, likely the result of the city’s large size.

For a more detailed sense of what happens in Columbus check out the city calendar of events:

Workstyle of Columbus

Columbus is regarded as having a diverse economy, and having the second largest population in the Midwest (behind Chicago) there are opportunities across a wide range of industries. I know this is probably getting redundant, but we’re gonna start with OSU. The university, along with the area’s other school systems, employ a substantial number of Columbus residents. Columbus also shares the dual responsibility of being the county seat and the state capital of Ohio, creating a substantial number of political opportunities. Bath & Body Works Inc. is headquartered in Columbus and is one of the biggest employers in the area.

Why You Should Move Here Now?

It’s A Pearl

Nearly everything you could want from your precious bigger city is available in Columbus: arts, sports, nightlife, diverse population, diverse economy and the rest but without much of the hassles of a high cost of living, or insane traffic, or the rest. You get all of the bigger city experiences without many of the downsides. If you’re looking for a better place to bail to and think the midwest could work Columbus is hard to beat. If you’re truly unsure about the Midwest (or at least Ohio) then remember that tagline they never adopted: Columbus: We Are So Not Ohio.