Rohnert Park, California


Rohnert Park Vineyard
Rohnert Park Vineyard
Sonoma State University
Sonoma State University
Cane Creek Regional Park
Cane Creek Regional Park
Rohnert Park Pacific Islander Festival
Rohnert Park Pacific Islander Festival



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The Best Thing About Rohnert Park?


Rohnert Park is one of the country’s first planned communities. There’s lots to love and lots to question about planned communities but no matter where you sit on that topic it is hard to take away the amazing location of the city. You’re 50 miles from San Francisco, 20 miles to the ocean, you’re in Sonoma County (one of the great wine counties in the world), and minutes from Napa (another of the great wine counties). You’re also sitting in the center of a magnificent outdoor culture with amazing hiking, biking and camping throughout Marin and Sonoma Counties.

The Worst Thing About Rohnert Park

No Downtown

Planned communities that were built in the early cycles of these developments left out city centers. The mistaken assumption was that people were craving suburban lifestyles as an escape from cities. While that may have been true for awhile it turns out that people on the whole really do want a walkable city center, albeit in many cases, a less intense and less expensive one than they may have left. Rohnert Park has massive development plans for a new town center but until then you’ve got to go to Santa Rosa or another neighboring city to experience cultural or nightlife experiences.

Lifestyle of Rohnert Park

As was noted, Rohnert Park is a planned community and so it’s lifestyle is built around suburban family activities. There are plenty of parks including the massive Crane Creek Park which has 128 acres of trails, disc golf, meadows and even cows grazing. There is a big sports culture here (for kids and adults) and facilities like the Rohnert Park Community Center offers sporting fields, fitness classes and community rec programs.

SOMO Village is a fun community space where the city gathers for farmers’ markets, festivals, concert and family events. Finally, the Spreckels Performing Arts Center and Green Music Center, on the campus of Sonoma State, host year-round concerts, plays, musicals and live dance events. Even though the city doesn’t yet have a downtown there’s a lot happening to keep locals busy.

Worklife of Rohnert Park

The biggest employer in Rohnert Park is Sonoma State University. Add jobs at the school with the manufacturing, tech and healthcare sector and Rohnert Park has a solid economy for those looking to live and work in the same neighborhoods. Additionally, right next door is Gratan Resort and Casino, a massive employer in the hospitality and entertainment sectors. While much of wine country is quiet on the professional front, Rohnert Park boasts a strong local economy.

Why You Should Move Here Now?

Prior To Blast Off

All of the bay area is expensive but Rohnert Park offers homes a bit less than other cities because of the lack of a walkable downtown. If you want to move to city BEFORE it becomes the next hotspot consider Rohnert Park while the big downtown development project is in the planning stage and prior to the city taking off.

Neighborhoods in Rohnert Park

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University District

College Students/Faculty/Families

The University District neighborhood surrounds Sonoma State University and as a result has the energy of the students and all the school has to offer as a bonus for all who choose to live here. Sporting events, theater and cultural events are year round just a walk away on campus. You’re also living next to Crane Creek Park and North Sonoma Mountain Regional Park so you can hardly do better for an outdoor lifestyle. While there are plenty of students who live in apartment rentals, the neighborhood is booming with higher-end, new development single family homes for those looking for beautiful homes and the more active culture the school provides.

Mountain Shadows


Mountain Shadows is a family-centric neighborhood known for its mix of mid-priced and high-end homes. The name of the neighborhood comes from the beautiful light and shade that comes off its position in the foothills of the Sonoma Mountains. Families enjoy the newer homes and outdoor recreational opportunities including a half-dozen parks and community rec areas. The neighborhood, with its mix of housing options, is particularly popular for starter homes for young families who appreciate the lower prices (by California standards).