Nashville, Tennessee

The City For Dreamers

Nashville Skyline
Nashville Skyline
Music Row
Music Row
Centennial Park
Centennial Park

I love Nashville. It seems like everywhere you walk, there’s great music coming out of every wall.
–Imelda May

The Best Thing About Nashville?

The Opportunities

Nashville is called Music City for a reason. Live music is everywhere: on the street, in cafes, accompanying your late night drinks. Nashville is the destination for country music hopefuls. Even If your career isn’t center stage, there are plenty of jobs to be had in Music City. A recent study by NerdWallet found that the top two employers in the city are healthcare and tech. Aside from Bridgestone Tires and Vanguard Industries, both of which have their headquarters in Nashville, there is quite the startup hub blossoming in the city, playing host to companies like Emma and Cicayda. With an extremely low unemployment rate of about 2%, it doesn’t take very long for new residents to find a job!

Here's a summary review from a local about living here: Nashville is great, if you have something specific you’re looking to do. There aren’t any taxes, it’s close to lots of hiking, cities, shopping, etc. My only issue is there isn’t a beach close, so I’ve had to make lakes and pools my sanctuary. Nashville reminds me of how LA was back in the 70–80’s where artists, musicians, and entrepreneurs could make it— that is no longer unless you have some money or family with money. To be happy here really depends on you as a person, and understanding it’s not easy moving somewhere new, BUT now there are so many groups and clubs that make it super easy to intermix. The food scene is coming along too, but unfortunately the wine we get here sucks.

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The Worst Thing About Nashville?

Tourists in Downtown

It can sound mean-spirited to put down the people that bring so much revenue to the city, but not only is Nashville the go-to destination for music lovers, it’s also acquired a new title: Bachville…Anyone who’s anyone is having their bachelor/bachelorette parties in Nashville. On any relatively warm night, you can find Broadway packed with veil-wearing parties all in matching “Bride Tribe” shirts, looking for a good time. Luckily, if you stay out of downtown you may never see them!

Note from a frequent visitor about Nashville: As a college kid just south of y’all in Alabama, THIS. Nashville is literally just a party city to anyone under 25, no one is going there for attractions we go there to hit the lake and then pay $11 for a well drink at a over crowded bar. I spent more in Nashville last time I went than in New Orleans, its gotten out of hand

Lifestyle of Nashville

Nashville is a city of transplants: everyone is from everywhere. It may be the music scene or it could be the job opportunities, but there’s no doubt that Nashville has grown tremendously in the last 10 years. The city feel varies wildly depending on where you are. Overall, it has the feel of a college town. The city’s culture revolves heavily around the large university community and there are parts of town that definitely feel like a college town: bars with neon signs and half-price drinks, fans flooding the streets on game day, and a ton of late-night spots that are crowded until 2 AM. Outside of those areas you’ll either be in one of two places: tourist-center (downtown) or chill, true Nashville. Tourism plays a huge role in the city’s economy as well as the vibe. If you’re anywhere downtown in the warmer months, you will be inundated with people in town for Bachelor or Bachelorette parties. Then there’s the people in town for the music who flock to the Grand Ole Opry, Tootsie’s, or the Country Music Hall of fame. Then there are a ton of areas that just feel like Nashville. Not as crowded with tourists, they still have the friendly southern hospitality, great food, and even greater coffee and beer. A lot of locals really rely on their neighborhood because they dread getting in the car and trudging across the city for a night out.

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Workstyle of Nashville

In Music City, the country music industry plays a huge part in Nashville’s economy. The Big Three record labels, as well as numerous independent labels, have offices in Nashville. It’s also the headquarters of Gibson guitars. This plays a huge role in the “gig culture” of the work scene here. A lot of people who are trying to make it big in music often piece together work from a variety of day jobs, while playing shows at night. Apart from music, top industries include healthcare, publishing, banking, automotive, and tech. Healthcare being the largest industry, Nashville is home to over 300 health care companies including Hospital Corporation of America (the largest private operator of hospitals in the US). Headquarters in the city also include Bridgestone Americas, Logan’s Roadhouse, and more, while Ernst & Young, Deloitte, and Nissan, amongst others, also maintain a large presence in the city. University life also plays a huge role in the workforce of Nashville, with Tennessee State, Vanderbilt, Belmont, Fisk and more all within city limits.

Why You Should Move Here Now?

Nashville will always be a hit!

Trends come and go, but Nashville isn’t going to be dethroned as Music City any time soon. There’s jobs, fun restaurants and bars, and a plethora of housing to fit any budget or family. It’s definitely growing, but there’s something about the fun hustle and bustle of being surrounded by hopefuls that just makes you feel at home!