Athens, Georgia

Classic City

'Don’t get me wrong. I don’t hate REM. I’ve just long grown weary of them. The one thing that really summed them up wasn’t “trailblazingness” or “sonic melding of quasi-poetic mumbling and Byrds-influenced arpeggios.” It was their Southernness.' Officer Killjoy

The Best Thing About Athens?


Athens is a city built on choices. Multiple universities, including the University of Georgia, Athens Technical College, and Augusta University, all have campuses in Athens. There are plenty of history and art museums, along with countless independent businesses, boutique restaurants, bars, and retail outlets that serve the students, professionals, families and retirees that populate the city. The city is accommodating to those with cars, those who prefer public transportation, and those who love to bike everywhere. In short, Athens is a city that prides itself on being many different things to its many different citizens, be they students, lifelong residents, or newcomers to the fair metropolis.

A recent transplant noted: I moved to Athens from the Washington, D.C., area and feel that I couldn't have found a better location to move to after leaving the suburbs (lived in Fairfax County, VA, drove or took the train to work in D.C.).

I really enjoy the bar scene, the friendly locals, the farmer's markets, and restaurants. There's also beer and wine festivals, plus great street fairs such as Hot Corner and Latinx Fest.

The Worst Thing About Athens?

Buying a Home

Finding a house in Athens is a tricky prospect. Renting is fairly easy and straightforward, provided one plans around the August through August lease cycle and high turnover rates on apartments due to the transient student population. However, the process of finding and either purchasing or renting a home in much of the city is generally agreed to be tough for single residents, childless couples, and families alike. Much of this has to do with how housing is now a business and college towns are beloved by investors who like to buy up homes and rent them to students. If you're considering a move to Athens, and consider a house to be a necessity, it's recommended you secure that home before making the move.

Local feedback: Want to buy a house? Good but the market is shrinking due to the number of people who buy up a ton of property and rent it out to college kids. I love Athens, I fought hard to stay here after college and I plan on living here all my days. But it's not for everyone…

Lifestyle of Athens

There is never a shortage of things to do for fun in Athens. The public parks have some of the most beautiful walking trails in the entire country. The Twilight Races are a must for cycling enthusiasts. Board game bars offer countless tabletop opportunities for those interested. The local museums dedicated to southern and African American experience are considered superb for those interested in the subject matter. And of course the music scene of Athens is absolutely legendary: the 40 Watt Club, the Georgia Theater, Morton Theater, and the Athens Symphony Orchestra are among the best music venues in the country, with a rich history dating back decades sure to catch the attention of music enthusiasts.

Check out the Athens Event calendar to get a taste of everything going on here:

Worklife of Athens

The University of Georgia is a major employer for much of the city. As such, many jobs are in either education, administration, or facilities management for the university. Outside of that, if you work in technology, companies both young and old such as Docebo, Roundsphere, and Partner Software are prime candidates for work. Several notable pharmaceutical companies are also based in the area, as well as independent publisher Hill Street Press, and a growing music industry. Outside of that, service industry jobs are always hiring in Athens. For a college town the job prospects are pretty diverse.

Why You Should Move Here Now

For Everyone

Athens is a city for everyone. No matter who you are, where you're from, what you do, or what you believe, you'll find like-minded people here. There are progressives aplenty. There are conservatives (on the edges). There are music-fanatics, intellectuals, families loving the great public schools. Pretty much they have it all.