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Cranston Beauty
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Sunny Days: 203
46100 Affordability
85100 Schools
46100 Diversity
89100 Safety

The Best Thing About Cranston

Community Investment

Cranston is a city that believes in investing in its residents. Community outreach programs, social welfare services, senior citizen services, childcare services, and many other public amenities are local features. There are publicly funded affordable housing programs, drug addiction rehabilitation programs, and mental health facilities. The Comprehensive Community Action Program is one of the city’s largest employers, allowing residents to earn a living while giving back to their community. In addition, the public parks, historical society, and other local programs that call Cranston home help to further the city’s greatness. If you are looking for a city that enriches the lives of its residents, look no further than Cranston.

The Worst Thing About Cranston

Low Growth

It is generally agreed that the toughest issue facing Cranston is the low growth rate. Cranston is estimated to grow at approximately .01% per year. Newcomers from other parts of Rhode Island are uncommon, and transplants from other states even less so. While it is not without growth, and in fact it surpassed Warwick as Rhode Island’s second largest city in 2017, the city does not expand at a very fast rate and the lack of increasing tax base impacts the financial side of the city as well is the energy the community receives from newcomers. As such, be prepared to live in a small and somewhat insular community if you move to Warwick; if you are someone who prefers a constantly-evolving urban environment, another city might be more to your liking

Lifestyle of Cranston

Punches Above its Weight

Cranston supports a wide variety of lifestyles. It is more urban than other local towns, offering amenities such as an active nightlife and a solid restaurant scene. The historical society offers entertainment for those interested in the Revolutionary War, while the public library and parks department often put on events for families. Common occupations in Cranston include working in the public administration, technology, retail, manufacturing, healthcare, social services, and finance. It is considered an excellent place to raise a family thanks to its high quality schools and very safe streets. It's also a solid place for young urban professionals thanks to the diversity of the economy.

Schools of Cranston

Cranston’s schools are above the state average and rate a B on Two of the solid high schools include, Cranston High East and Cranston West, both known for extracurricular and athletic programs, and with West rating a bit higher for academics. Elementary schools such as Orchard Farms exceed state averages in test scores and student performance. In total, the city boasts fifteen elementary schools, four middle schools, and four high schools.

Why You Should Move Here Now?

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Cranston is rated one of the 50 best cities in America and one of the the 50 Best Places to Live for Families in 2023 Fortune rankings. It is selected for its beauty, safety and reasonable costs relative to economic opportunities. What are better endorsements than these?

Neighborhoods in Cranston

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Bordering Washington Park and boasting tree-lined streets, Edgewood is one of Cranston’s most desirable neighborhoods. Well-preserved Victorian homes are a prominent local feature, alongside two well-regarded inns. It's a peaceful, walkable neighborhood, perfect for families and college students. It is also home to a marina and two yacht clubs. Edgewood Highland Elementary School serves the neighborhood, and is well-regarded by locals. Average home list price is $326,000, a stellar example of the luxuries Cranston offers at lower prices than much of the rest of the country.


Families/Young Professionals

Auburn personifies Cranston’s spirit of community outreach beautifully. From the many youth programs offered at their branch of the public library to numerous public parks and an overall higher level of walkability than other neighborhoods, Auburn is a family and service oriented neighborhood through and through. It also features easy freeway access, making it ideal for commuters. William DuTemple School serves elementary schoolers. Average home list price is $324,258.

Garden City


Garden City is considered one of the crown jewels of Cranston by many families. Its combination of Cape Cod, Colonial, and Ranch style homes give it a picturesque beauty, while its lack of cookie cutter subdivisions lend it a natural, eclectic charm. Garden City Center is also one of Cranston’s most beloved retail centers, with options for clothing, health and beauty, and fine dining outlets. Garden City Elementary School opened its doors recently, and has already established itself as being up to par with the rest of Cranston’s elementary schools. Average home list price is $365,114.

Comstock Gardens


Comstock Gardens is one of the most expensive neighborhoods in Cranston, with a huge number of privately-owned single-family homes. Many were built in the 1970s, with an average list price of $512,583. Numerous greenhouses, churches, and retail outlets reside in the area, giving residents ease of access to whatever they may need. Elementary schoolers attend Orchard Farms School, one of the area’s best-rated elementary schools. If you are looking for a place for your family, money is not an object, and you want only the very best for your children, Comstock Gardens may offer the home you have been looking for.