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It doesn’t matter whether you win by an inch or a mile, winning is winning. -
Gino, The Fast and the Furious (Vin Diesel, Alameda native)

The Best Thing About Alameda?

The Happiest Place in the Bay Area?

There is no other city in the Bay Area where the locals are as happy about where they live as in Alameda, aka., “The Isle of Style”. The reasons are several: some of it seems to be the fact it is an island and that gives you a sense of isolation from the intensity of East Bay and San Francisco. It also has a small-town, midwestern kind of vibe that belies all that is available to you just miles away. Old-timey restaurants, pubs, ice cream shops and even indoor putt putt golf fill the city center with stuff for singles, couples and families to do. Bike-riding, strolling, amazing Halloween celebrations and even a beach with a view of San Francisco give this city/town a completely different energy that just feels slower and happier than the rest of the area.

The Worst Thing About Alameda?

Home Prices

It’s hard to ding Alameda too much on prices when it’s less expensive than much of the area but the media price is just around $1.2m for single family homes and believe it or not that’s pretty darn reasonable for the Bay Area. Young families flock here to purchase their first home and it’s damn pricey on a national level but alas not for here.

Lifestyle of Alameda

As noted things slow down in Alameda and locals take the time to enjoy all that’s available here. First of all it’s good to remember that this is an island. As a result one of the top attractions in town is Crown Memorial State Beach, where you can swim in the bay and enjoy all sorts of water sports - boating, kayaking, canoeing, paddle boarding are just a few. Throughout the island you’ll find families biking (more cruisers than racing bikes), taking walks into town, playing ball at the many parks, enjoying ice cream cones after the little league games, enjoying the arts/wine faires, farmers markets, and just generally living a different lifestyle than the rest of the bay.

To see what locals do for fun check out the Alameda calendar of events:

Worklife of Alameda

Alameda residents historically commute into Oakland or San Francisco or down the freeways to tech-hubs like Fremont. Work from home has for sure changed that and so now you’re just as likely to see locals hanging on the Isle most days of the week and then perhaps taking the ferry to jobs in Oakland or SF on the days they have to head in. Don’t sleep on the ferry option for commuting, it’s an incredible way to get to work and makes living and commuting here a completely different experience.

Why You Should Move Here Now?

When people move from other parts of the country they fear that San Francisco or Oakland are going to be too busy, too fast-paced and dense, relative to where they’re leaving. Alameda blows up that idea by offering a small city experience that rivals that which you can find anywhere. Throw on top of the experience the fact that the housing is at a discount from the rest of the area and you’ll see why Alameda is the happiest place on the Bay.

Neighborhoods in Alameda

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Park Street

Young Professionals/DINKs/SINKs

Park Street is the downtown area of Alameda. This is where all the boutique shops, restaurants including tacos and diners, and entertainment for everyone. This is where the Fourth of July Parade happens, the Art & Wine Faire, the Rock & Roll Beer and Whiskey Stroll and its also home to an arcade and miniature golf course. It’s also home to condos and apartments for singles or couples who want live a short walk to the nightlife and a short hop to the ferry to work!

Gold Coast


The Gold Coast is the neighborhood with the most beautiful, historic homes on the island. The majority of these are Victorians, and in fact it is said that Alameda has more Victorians per capita than any other place in the country. These stunning homes are a short walk from Crown Beach, one of the most beautiful shorelines in the area. The neighborhood is also home to Franklin Park, a great family spot with playgrounds, tennis courts, sports fields and a swimming pool.
Perhaps most important to many those is the gravitational pull of Franklin Park elementary school. One of the best public schools in the state and just a walk or bike away from home if you choose a home in the Gold Coast.

East End


The East End includes the Fernside and Marina neighborhoods. It is hugely popular with families due to the excellent schools and magnificent parks. Lincoln Park is one of the popular ones, with a pool play structures, baseball fields and even a rose garden. Alameda Beach is a short walk and features a walking and biking trail that give an unforgettable view of the San Francisco skyline throughout your journey. The home styles are an interesting mix of Victorians, Craftsman, Tudors, and mid-century-modern homes at more reasonable prices and size than the Gold Coast.

The East End also borders Park Street so walking into the main commercial district is not only simple, but a part of the culture of the neighborhood locals who appreciate the separation and the close proximity to fun.